Our data centres

Agile and flexible, the modern data centre is the vehicle that fuels growth and productivity, unleashes innovation and removes the economic barriers to success. Optimise your data centre resource by working with us to understand, select, and implement cloud services that best suit your business, no matter the size or global reach. Data centre evolution is not only making the most of our ground-breaking cloud technology, but is driving successful and innovative enterprises the world over.

Go green for your business and the planet

Innovation drives the development of HP's state-of-the-art, energy-efficient data centres. They all have built-in intelligence and are managed to optimise your business's IT infrastructure. Our commitment to introducing sustainable technologies that reduce the impact of business on the environment is embedded in everything we do, from constructing eco-friendly IT environments to helping our customers reduce their own energy use.

Our 28 cloud data centres provide cloud-based computing services for businesses and government departments. Their power utilisation efficiency (PUE) ratings average between 1.8 and 2.2, which compares favourably with a significantly higher industry average of between 2.5 and 3.0 PUE.

Our Wynyard data centre in the North East of England is among the greenest in the world, boasting eco-friendly design, sustainable energy efficiency, built-in resiliency with robust physical and IT security and a PUE rating of 1.16.

We are currently building five new data centres in the EMEA region, and all will be equipped to support the very latest cloud technology.

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Access dynamic data centre services in the cloud

Few data centres were designed to keep pace with today's business demands, and a new approach is needed to increase IT agility and speed while addressing environmental concerns.

Get the right information at the right time and in the right format to enable the right decisions by having a data centre environment that's dynamic and moves at the same speed as your business.

Forward-looking businesses like yours are moving to energy-saving hybrid cloud data centre services – a blend of Private, Managed, Virtual Private or Public cloud combined with traditional data centre services – to increase agility and flexibility.

By accessing our best-in-class cloud infrastructure, you can 'consume' your data centre 'as a service' – that's infrastructure as a service, or IaaS. We use our converged cloud technology to design, build, and manage a dynamic IaaS solution tailored to your exact requirements – enabling you to move towards a 'self-service', more automated way of accessing services.

Instead of simply upgrading your current data centres, you can modernise operations by moving all, or part, of your data centre requirements to the cloud. Once there, you can easily manage and align changing data centre needs with your business goals, paying only for what you need, scaling up and down to support peak demands and new opportunities.

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Build a better enterprise together

HP is pioneering a new kind of server to power businesses like yours and create even more space to grow.

Moonshot is HP's initiative to develop extreme low-energy servers and it promises to revolutionise the way data centres are built.

Moonshot which is also designed to help customers significantly reduce server complexity, energy use and costs, represents a huge leap forward in infrastructure design, addressing the speed, scale, and specialisation needed for the new style of IT.

The new servers use considerably less power, require much less cooling and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Be part of the data centre revolution where servers will be 80% smaller than traditional servers, use 89% less energy and cost 77% less to run.

Tailored to deliver optimum performance, HP Moonshot servers are the first software-defined web-servers in the world to enable innovation acceleration while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale to your business.

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