Program Transformation Factory

Simplify the PACBASE™
with the HP Program Transformation Factory (PTF)

What Pacbase™ 2015 end-of-life means for your critical business applications?

HP and Euraxiel experts will simplify the transformation to Cobol applications with PTF.

Why choose PTF?

PTF is an end-to-end highly automated transformation solution toward a cleaned-up Cobol code. The outcome is a restructured code, and easy to maintain. It provides also a data dictionary and a development framework for future maintenance.
The HP offering ensures efficiency and high-quality results (bulletproof iso-funcionality) while securing risk and timeline.
Get rid of Pacbase™ in a timely and cost effective manner, with no loss of productivity!

How does PTF work?

PTF schema PTF provides a safe and flawless transformation to COBOL code, securing outcome by high efficiency regression test solution.
HP will provide support to ensure a smooth adoption of the new source code and related change management.
There is no lock-in after transformation (no license fee for the dictionary and framework), leaving you free to choose your future development environment (no specific IDE requirement).

What is in it for you?

The Pacbase™ end-of-life issue will be solved in a timely, de-risked and cost-effective manner.
With PTF, you get a significant value to your business:
  • A real life extension to your applications,
  • An unparalleled TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on your assets.