HP RDX Backup Solutions


Save 25% when you buy HP RDX1

There’s never been a better time for you to discover how HP RDX can help your business.
So long as you buy a qualifying HP docking unit, you can mix and match any combination of cartridges
– either three all the same, or a mixture of capacities
- to suit your budget and storage needs.

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The simple way to protect your business data

Backup made

The HP RDX Removable Disk Backup System drag-and-drop file access makes backup as simple and convenient as the click of a mouse. HP RDX includes Windows backup mode for easy connection with the integrated applications of that operating system.

Spend less time
on backups

Backup data at fast hard drive speeds and restore critical files in seconds instead of hours with random disk access.

Easy scalability
and expandability

Flexibly meet your budget and capacity requirements with a choice of removable disk cartridges and docks that are backwards and forwards compatible. Scaling capacity is a simple matter of adding cartridges.


HP RDX the perfect
small business
backup solution

HP RDX is the ideal choice for businesses that need simple, fast and reliable backup for workstations and small servers.


Ten reasons why you should choose HP RDX:

320 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB capacities

There is one for every size of server or workstation, with desktop and server/rack options.

Low Cost of Ownership

RDX cartridges cost more up front than DAT tapes but you will not need to keep replacing them, which makes RDX cheaper overall.

Super fast

RDX backs up and restores critical files via super fast USB 3.0. A 1 TB restore takes just five hours to complete with RDX, far more rapidly then even the fastest broadband connection.

Hands free simplicity

Backup happens automatically in the background using Continuous Data Protection (CDP) or scheduled routines. RDX includes Windows backup mode to leverage the benefits of integrated applications on that operating system.

RDX eliminates all the guesswork of backup

Cartridges cannot be removed while backups are running or scheduled. You won’t need specialist skills or training.

RDX is very durable

With a usage life of 5,000 load/unload insertions and a 10 year archival life, for disaster recovery, archive, or data transfer.

Impervious to dust and shock

Unlike DAT or standard USB drives (even so-called ‘rugged’ ones), the enhanced design of RDX makes it dust and static proof. It has a sealed interface so dust and debris can’t get in. Plus, there is no media or drive wear during operation.

RDX has advanced shock protection

In independent tests, it had a 97% drop test survival rate compared to 0% for ordinary USB drives. HP even tied it to a dragster and ran it up a raceway at 170 mph over a quarter of a mile. It still worked flawlessly!


RDX protects your investment with complete backwards and forwards compatibility. So today’s hardware will work seamlessly with tomorrow’s higher capacity cartridges.

Half a million endorsements

RDX is proven to meet the needs of single server businesses. Over 500,000 companies use RDX today.


HP RDX Super Drag and Drop

HP always pushes the boundaries to prove a point.
So to show you just how well HP RDX performs under pressure, we put one of our cartridges through the ultimate drag-and-drop test.

play video

We tied an HP RDX cartridge, packed with data, to the back of a dragster and ran it up the Santa Pod raceway at 170 mph (274 km/h) for a quarter of a mile (400m). It came as no surprise to us that we were able to recover all its data intact at the end of the run.


1. Between 1st November 2013 and 31 st January 2014, you will get 25% cashback when you purchase a HP RDX internal, external or Proliant server module docking unit and between three and five HP RDX cartridges. All you have to do is purchase the qualifying products and submit your claim online - HP will pay you the cashback directly once your claim is processed.

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