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[1] Comparison based on manufacturers’ published specs of fastest available colour mode as of Mar 2012. Includes colour laser MFPs <£800 and colour lasers < £650 available Mar 2012 based on market share by IDC Q1 2012 and HP testing in fastest colour mode. Test file ISO 24734 from sample four-page category. For more info:

[2] Cost per page (CPP) claim is based on the majority of colour laser MFPs < £800 and colour laser printers < £650 excluding VAT as of March 2012, ISO yield based on continuous printing in default mode based on market share as reported by IDC as of Q1 2012. CPP comparisons for laser supplies are based on published specifications of the manufacturers’ cartridges with similar available capacities. CPP based on HP 970XL/971XL ink cartridges' estimated street price. Note that actual prices may vary. Actual yields may vary based on printer used, images printed and other factors. For more information, see

[3] Compares majority of colour laser printers < £650 and colour laser MFPs < £800 as of August 2012. Energy use based on HP and third-party testing commissioned by HP. Actual cost and energy usage may vary. For details, see

[4] This tool calculates the estimated savings in ink and long term consumables that could be realised by purchasing a new HP OfficeJet Pro X Series printer to replace an existing laser printer. Calculations are based on a survey of ink cartridge and image drum prices in the United Kingdom conducted in July 2013. Prices were obtained for manufacturer’s recommended standard cartridges on the assumption that they were purchased in single quantities – prices for multi-packs and high capacity cartridges were not surveyed. Yield data for cartridges and image drums was gathered from the manufacturer product information that accompanied the price data.

[5] While the tool is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information, and every care was taken during development, HP and its suppliers cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the calculations or consequences arising from its use. No guarantee is given as to the accuracy or validity of anything incorporated within this tool or the results it produces. HP and its suppliers shall not be responsible for any liabilities, costs, losses, damages, and expenses arising out of, or resulting from, the manner in which suggestions or information are implemented and/or the results produced by the tool are used, acted upon, or relied upon.