LTO Ultrium Eco Case

What’s the HP LTO Ultrium Eco Case?

It’s the first environmentally sound case for the HP LTO Ultrium storage tape.

As companies work towards becoming more environmentally responsible, every product you buy has a role to play. The new HP Eco Case is the latest way for you to buy a more environmentally friendly product and help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

At the same time, we understand that your priority will always be data security. We can reassure you that the Eco Case offers the same safety and quality you are used to from HP.

Small thing. Big difference.

Each of the current polypropylene cases for LTO storage tapes uses 1kg of oil to produce – adding up to a massive seven million gallons of oil per year. The HP LTO Ultrium Eco Case can help you drastically reduce this. Made of rigid, moulded recycled paper, its production consumes two-thirds less oil and cuts CO2 emissions in half.

And even after you’re finished with it, the case will continue helping the environment as it will biodegrade in soil in less than six months.

Exactly how much energy can you save?