HP 685 Comfort Dual-Mode Keyboard (8T6L9UT)

The HP 685 Comfort Dual-Mode Keyboard fits to your business with adjustable angles, programmable keys * , and secure HP Unifying Dongle and Bluetooth® connectivity.

  • Вага: 845 g
  • Мінімальні розміри (Ш × Г × В): 442.3 x 214.4 x 35.2 mm
  • Комплектація: Wireless keyboard; 2 x AA batteries; Quick start guide; Warranty card; HP Unifying dongle
HP 685 Comfort Dual-Mode Keyboard (8T6L9UT)

Work in your comfort zone

Make any long day feel easier with this comfort-first keyboard. Its wave-like shape, adjustable typing angles with front and back tilt, and cushioned palm rest help employees power through even the hardest days with features built to keep your business at its best.

Every function, fine-tuned

This customizable keyboard makes quick work of big business. Find your angle in three positions — flat (3.2°), neutral incline (6.7°), and negative tilt (8.08°). Create custom shortcuts with 23 programmable keys * . Plus, quiet keycaps help improve focus.

Connect. Secure. Go

Be secure in knowing this dual-mode keyboard syncs your business’ devices worry-free. Switch between Bluetooth® or HP Unifying Dongle across devices. Engineered for Intel® Evo™ and multi-OS * compatible, employees are ready to connect to a more secure workflow.

A keyboard built around you

The Key to AI

With one key, access the power of Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered assistant to help you simplify tasks, collaborate, and work smarter.

HP Unifying Dongle

Easily connect to multiple devices. Pair with up to eight devices with either a USB-A nano-dongle or up to three devices via 2.4G Bluetooth®.

Safe to Sanitize

Easy to clean, this keyboard was designed to withstand the cleaning power of household disinfectant wipes up to 1,000 times.

Up to 24 Months of Battery Life

A rechargeable battery and intelligent stand-by mode provide up to 24 months of productivity from one charge.

Технічні характеристики

  • Вага:

    845 g

  • Мінімальні розміри (Ш × Г × В):

    442.3 x 214.4 x 35.2 mm