HP Convertible Laptop Stand (9C2H2AA)

Be more productive with a durable laptop/tablet stand that converts into three different modes. Work, play, and create either standing or seated comfortably.

  • Вага: 1005 g
  • Мінімальні розміри (Ш × Г × В): 283 x 18 x 240 mm
  • Комплектація: Stand; Documentation
HP Convertible Laptop Stand (9C2H2AA)

One Stand, Many Ways

Work, create, and play anytime, anywhere with a versatile laptop/tablet stand that adjusts to your preferences and supports different sized laptops and tablets. Redefine your workstation with different modes: creator, standing, and comfort. Orient the stand to different angles: 20° — 65° or lift it up to 25 cm/9 in.

Work Comfortably Anywhere

Work how you want, where you want. This stand adapts to you and your environment so you can work, create, and play in a neutral state, positioning the screen to support better posture and increase user neck comfort by 42% on average. *

Holds Up Well

Protect your device with a sturdy, water-resistant laptop/tablet stand that’s designed to last. Its durable structure supports heavy weight up to 23 kg/50 lbs and accommodates different-sized devices up to 16 inches. Gain peace of mind with the 1-year warranty.

Standout Functionality

Adjusts to Your Way of Working

Work and play comfortably with a stand that adjusts into standing, creator, and comfort modes.

Compatible With Many Different Devices

This convertible stand comfortably accommodates laptops, tablets, and hybrid devices up to 16 inches.

Transportable Convenience

Lightweight and packs up easily to accompany you whenever and wherever work occurs.

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  • Вага:

    1005 g

  • Мінімальні розміри (Ш × Г × В):

    283 x 18 x 240 mm