HP Sure Sense

Protecting your PC from malware with deep learning models.

HP Sure Sense uses deep learning models to detect malicious files and prevent malware, zero-day, ransomware, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks from harming your computer.

  • Prediction Model

    A lightweight deep learning prediction model that automatically detects cyber threats and enables zero-day and APT protection.

  • File Reputation Cloud Services

    A cloud-based database of information on known files that adds a second layer of classification. When enabled, the hash for Portable Executable files is sent to the file reputation services in the cloud.

  • Content Delivery Network

    A system that distributes the latest prediction model and software updates for HP Sure Sense.

Feature Availability

Included in select EliteBook, ProBook, ProDesk, ZBook PCs


HP Sure Sense offers tremendous value for both Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers and enterprise customers. While SMB customers may have not previously had access to advanced security tools, with HP Sure Sense, SMB customers have access to the same cutting-edge neural network protection available to enterprise customers. HP Sure Sense provides advanced protection out of the box without incremental subscriptions. Most importantly, HP Sure Sense can be a vital part of every business plan for resilience to get back to business as usual and mitigate lost revenue. HP Sure Sense is a vital part of your resilience plan.

HP Sure Sense will be available and built-in as an integral part of select HP Business PCs, without additional charge. HP Sure Sense is also available via web download for supported platforms.

No – HP Sure Sense is not a replacement for conventional antivirus solutions. HP recommends running HP Sure Sense along with Windows Defender or other AV solution. Signature-based antivirus solutions are virtually 100% effective against malware for which they have signatures and provide a strong complement to HP Sure Sense, which is highly effective at protecting against never-before-seen malware. The system performance impact of HP Sure Sense is very light, so there is little reason not to employ a strategy of layered security with both antivirus and deep learning.

At this time, HP Sure Sense will be exclusive to select HP Business PCs, Workstations, and Retail Point of Sale PCs.

HP Sure Sense will be manageable by the HP Manageability Integration Kit, as are our other HP security solutions.

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