HP Sure Run

Protect the applications that protect your PC.

  • HP Sure Run keep critical processes running even if malware tries to shut them down, and guards against malicious attacks on applications.

  • A variety of software processes and applications keep your PC secure while you work— everything from antivirus software to cryptographic services.

  • HP Sure Run guards key security processes against malware attacks that try to disable them. It monitors them, alerts the user of any changes, and restarts them automatically if they’re stopped.

Feature Availability

Available on HP Z, Elite and Pro products equipped with 8th generation or newer Intel® or AMD processors

  • OS Compatibility

    Windows 10

  • Protected Processes

    • OS processes
    • HP security tools
    • Third-party processes
    • HP processes (enabled via HP Manageability Integration Kit)


HP Sure Run can be enabled locally in HP Client Security Manager. A customized PIN identifies you as the user of the PC and enables HP Sure Run to begin protecting your system.

Yes. You can enable or disable protection for a set list of processes in HP Client Security Manager (or via HP Manageability Integration Kit, if you are in a managed IT environment).

HP Sure Run protects the Windows Security Center, which is compatible with many antivirus solutions. If you choose to install third-party antivirus software, HP Sure Run can ensure that it remains enabled as long as it is integrated with Windows Security Center.

When HP Sure Run detects a threat, it will notify the user. Before attempting to restart the process, HP Sure Run will verify that any files or registry keys associated with it are as expected. This protects against malware that might try to replace a key process. Once it has confirmed its authenticity, HP Sure Run will restart the process. It will continue even against repeated attempts to turn off the process.

You will be notified in the Windows Action Center. The action will also be logged in the Windows® Event Log and can be viewed in the HP Client Security Manager Notification Panel

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