HP Sure Recover

Reimage your device from anywhere at anytime.

  • Enabling a hybrid workforce

    HP Sure Recover enables you to quickly and securely reimage your devices to the latest OS image using an embedded storage module, eliminating the need for them to call IT.

    Allows IT to schedule reimaging for an entire fleet, removing malware and making sure every unit is able to “start fresh” on a regular basis.

  • Feature Availability

    HP Sure Recover is available on HP Z, Elite and Pro PCs, and supports Windows 10.

    HP Sure Recover supports HTTP and FTP image repositories in both the private cloud or the internet, including proxy support for corporate environments.


Absolutely. End users can use HP Sure Recover to reimage their machines to the latest HP image, and your PC can automatically recover if no OS is found.

Because HP Sure Recover offers hardware-based storage recovery or network based image recovery, you have the option to outfit a fleet of devices to recover without an internet connection, otherwise, all that is required is an internet connection. No additional external media is needed. After you ensure that all important files are backed up, restart the machine, press f11 to open the HP Sure Recover menu, and then select Recover from network.

No. Reimaging a PC removes all files and personal data. Ensure that you have backed up all of your files externally before reimaging, as reimaging does not restore custom programs or files. If a user has a solution to backup data, such as OneDrive®, they can restore their files once the restored image boots into Windows®.

No. HP Sure Recover is built into the hardware and is not dependent on software components (such as an existing OS) stored on the hard drive. Therefore, loading a customized corporate software image will not delete or disable it. Once the IT department has provisioned your PC to restore your custom corporate image from the preferred location, you will be able to restore your PC to the latest corporate image using HP Sure Recover.

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