HP 220 Silent Wireless Mouse (391R4AA)

HP 220 Silent Wireless Mouse (391R4AA)
  • Hmotnosť:

    0.08 kg

  • Minimálne rozmery (š x h x v):

    9.48 x 5.7 x 3.91 cm

  • Obsah balenia:

    HP 220 Silent Wireless Mouse; 1 AA battery; Dongle; Quick Start guide; Product notices; Warranty card; R.E.D. RTF card

Click quietly

Get that same click feel without the sound. It’s perfect to use in any space.

Lose the wire, find the connection

Cut the cord and click in to a long range 2.4 GHz wireless connection. * *

Take charge, keep charge

Take charge of your mouse all day, every day for up to 15 months beautiful battery life. *

Lose the sound and wire but not the power

Looks good, feels good

ontour comfort fits either hand like a glove. All day, every day.

Secret USB compartment

Nano USB receiver slips sleekly inside the mouse for mobile storage.

Scroll with it

Left click, right click, or center click on the dual-function scroll wheel.

Grip it & click it

Textured sides provide added control so you can get a grip on whatever you're clicking.