HP E27k G5 4K USB-C Monitor (6N4C4AA)

Uniquely designed to deliver incredible visuals and flexibility, the HP E27k G5 4K USB-C Monitor redefines precision, so there's nothing between you and your best, all while keeping your comfort and the planet in mind.

  • Velikost zaslona (diagonala): 68.6 cm (27")
  • Čas odgovora: 5ms GtG (with overdrive) *
  • Ločljivost (privzeta): 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) * *
  • Kontrastno razmerje: 1000:1 *
HP E27k G5 4K USB-C Monitor (6N4C4AA)

A View to Behold

Whether you’re focused in or looking at the bigger picture, you’ll have sight of every detail you need to make things happen on this 68.6 cm (27") diagonal 4K monitor * . Take in every exquisite detail in an image or more cells in a spreadsheet with four times the precision of a standard FHD monitor. And see it all in consistently vibrant colors through 99% sRGB color space.

Simple, Powerful Connections

When you’re working from home one day and the office the next, free yourself, your desk and your laptop from a mess of cables by simply connecting one USB-C® cable that connects your display and all your accessories—from webcam to keyboard—all while charging your laptop at 65W. To make your workday even easier, instantly start up all your devices thanks to Single Power On * and secure a stable internet connection with RJ-45.

Comfort at Work

When doing your best relies on feeling your best, physical and viewing comfort is key. Easily find all-day comfort with 4-way adjustability optimized by the step-by-step Ergonomic Setup Guide * . See comfortably from day to night with the ambient light sensor that automatically adapts display brightness to fit your surroundings, and enjoy added comfort with HP Eye Ease.

A Vision of Precision

Ergonomic Setup Guide

Achieve all-day comfort when you apply the best practices from the Ergonomic Setup Guide.

HP Eye Ease

HP Eye Ease is an always-on, low-blue light filter that helps keep your eyes comfortable throughout the day by reducing blue light without impacting color accuracy or adding a yellow color shift.

Ambient Light Sensor

Automatically adjusts your screen's brightness to the lighting of your environment for comfortable viewing.

4K Resolution

Get lost in the captivating definition and ultra-precise details of 4K resolution. The pixel dense 3840 x 2160 resolution expands your workspace and transforms all your content into a remarkable, lifelike experience.

Tehnične specifikacije

  • Svetlost:

    350 nits *

  • Barvna lestvica:

    99% sRGB

  • Vodoravni vidni kot:


  • Navpični vidni kot: