HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker/Mailbox (L0H20A)

Help improve productivity and help save time with this 800-sheet 5-bin stapler/stacker with job offset and automatic stapling. The multi-bin mailbox accommodates multiple users' jobs. Print jobs are sorted into neat stacks, making them easy to find.

HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker/Mailbox (L0H20A)
  • Teža:

    11.5 kg

  • Najmanjše mere (Š x G x V):

    475 x 504 x 429 mm

  • Vsebina škatle:

    HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker/ Mai lbox; Documentation (Hardware Install Guide)

Improve workflow management and accommodate multiple users by adding automatic stapling (up to 50 sheets) and stacking with job offset to your HP LaserJet printer.

Allow multiple users to print to the same printer with automatic print job offset.