OMEN Gaming Hub software, formerly known as OMEN Command Center

If you are a fan of our OMEN laptops and desktops, chances are that you are quite familiar with the customisation software OMEN Command Center, where you can personalise your PC’s settings to suit your gaming preferences.

We have launched OMEN Gaming Hub, the next-generation platform of its precursor.

Elevate your gameplay with OMEN Gaming Hub; optimise performance and customise OMEN laptops, desktops, and accessories.

While different features are available depending on your system, OMEN Gaming Hub is available for download on all Windows 10 computers. You can install the latest version of OMEN Gaming Hub from the Microsoft Store.

New ways to customise and explore in OMEN Gaming Hub

In addition to the new name, new initiative, and new game, OMEN Gaming Hub also added an expansive set of new features to enhance gaming performance and personalisation:

OMEN Light Studio (BETA)

A single view to synchronise all OMEN RGB lighting-supported devices. Players can create personalised, adaptive lighting schemes across all devices to match their rig, room, or playing style.

Two example settings include “Ambient”, which takes what is displayed on the screen and maps the color onto the selected lighting zone, and “Audio Visualiser” which reacts to the system’s audio output to produce real-time animation based on the sound frequency range.


Undervolting with the OMEN Gaming Hub enables gamers to reduce CPU power consumption and heat

Enables gamers to reduce CPU power consumption and heat. This feature includes a unique algorithm called Intelligent Mode that cools the device without sacrificing performance.

OMEN Gallery

OMEN Gaming Hub Gallery is a collection of wallpapers that can be liked, downloaded or set as a background

A gorgeous wallpaper selection featuring our Z ambassador collection in an all-new Gallery feature. Wallpapers can be liked, downloaded, or set as a background.

Homepage 2.0

OMEN Gaming Hub homepage with My Gear and My Services section

The OMEN Gaming Hub homepage has a redesigned user interface that makes it easier to find “My Gear” and showcases a “My Services” banner to easily understand the details of the feature.

My Games 3.0

OMEN Gaming Hub with My Games listing displays in-game screenshots, media reviews and official channel links

Adds search, filtering, and grouping for a player’s game library, and now also includes game page overviews with screenshots, media reviews, and official channel links.

Remote Play

OMEN Gaming Hub remote play allows gamers to stream gameplay from OMEN PC to another PC, Android or iOS device using 5G or Wi-Fi

Stream gameplay directly from your OMEN PC to another PC, Android, or iOS device using 4G or Wi-Fi.


OMEN Gaming Hub coaching use the gamer performance index (GPI) to identify strengths and weaknesses of critical game skills

Use the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) with the Coaching feature to identify strengths and weaknesses in critical game skills. Coaching is enabled in partnership with Mobalytics and is free for one year to all OMEN PC users.


OMEN Gaming Hub software lets gamers overclock computer performance from benchmark CPU performance to improved performance (Tune)

Adjust the current performance level of the computer (benchmark) and make changes to the system to improve performance (tune).


OMEN Gaming Hub software to manage RGB lighting of OMEN laptops, desktop, accessories

Find the perfect color scheme for your gaming gear with 16.8 million colors to choose from and a variety of animations.

Performance Control

OMEN Gaming Hub software performance control between balanced or performance mode

Change the performance of your OMEN laptops to the mode that works best for the games you are playing or the task you are performing.

Network Booster

OMEN Gaming Hub network booster to send gaming traffic over your fastest connection while streaming with Wi-Fi

Now with Dual Force Functionality allows you to send gaming traffic over your fastest connection while streams and media use your Wi-Fi.

System Vitals

OMEN Gaming Hub system vitals displays PC key metrics like GPU, CPU utilisation, PC temperature and memory usage

Displays all your OMEN PC's key metrics in real-time, from utilisation to temperature of CPU, GPU, and memory.

Installing OMEN Gaming Hub

You can install the latest version of OMEN Gaming Hub by downloading the app from the Microsoft Store.

  1. In Windows, search for and open Microsoft Store.
  2. In the store, search for and open OMEN Gaming Hub.
  3. Click Get, and then click Install.

Updating OMEN Gaming Hub

Update OMEN Gaming Hub by downloading and installing the latest version of the app.

  1. Click the Microsoft Store icon on the taskbar.
  2. Search for OMEN Gaming Hub.
  3. Click Update. Wait while the program downloads and installs.
  4. Click Play. OMEN Gaming Hub opens.

Note: Some features of the OMEN Gaming Hub app are available for select products only. If a recent Windows update did not complete successfully, the OMEN Gaming Hub app may need to be updated or reinstalled.