HP Delivers Enterprise Agility with New Converged Infrastructure Solutions

ASIA PACIFIC, June 8, 2011 – HP todayannounced several industry-first Converged Infrastructure solutionsthat improve enterprise agility by simplifying deployment andspeeding IT delivery.

HPConverged Infrastructuresolutions are a key element in a client’s Instant-OnEnterprise journey. These offerings break through IT sprawl andturn technology assets into interoperable, shared pools ofresources with a common management platform. These new offeringsinclude:   

  • Converged Systems, a new portfolio of turnkey, optimized and convergedhardware, software, tailored consulting and HP Solution Supportservices that enable clients to be up and running with newapplications in hours vs. months.(1) The solutionsaddress top application areas including real-time data analytics,database consolidation and data warehouse.

  • Converged Storage architectureand portfolio, whichintegratesHP Store360scale-out software withHP BladeSystemandHP ProLianthardware to reduce storage administration,speed time to service delivery, increase energy efficiency andimprove access for any data type or application workload. Theofferings are complemented by newStorage Consultingservices.

  • Converged Data Center, a new class ofHP Performance Optimized Data Centers(PODs)that can bedeployed faster than any competitive offering – just 12 weeks – andat a quarter of the cost when compared to a traditionalbrick-and-mortar datacenter.(2)Extending HP’sleadership in modular data centers, theHPPOD 240a, alsoreferred to as the "HP EcoPOD," uses 95 percent less facilitiesenergy.(3)

  • HP Server Automation9.1softwareseamlessly provisionsphysical and virtual application instances across the entire lifecycle.

UPS relies upon HPConverged Infrastructure solutions to help deliver more than 15million packages daily and keep its website available at all timesfor tracking. HP Converged Infrastructure allows UPS to scaletechnology resources to meet changing demands and support theorganization’s highly distributed environment.

Delivering enterprise agility with ConvergedInfrastructure
Cloud computing and mobility are redefining howpeople live, how organizations operate and how the world interacts.Enterprises must instantly adjust to meet the changing needs ofusers, customers and citizens by driving innovation and agilitythrough technology. Yet IT sprawl is causing enterprise complexityand crippling organizations’ abilities to keep pace with enterprisedemands.

Research conducted onbehalf of HP found that 95 percent of private and public sectorexecutives consider agility important to the success of theirorganizations. Plus, more than two-thirds of c-suite executivesbelieve that enterprise agility is driven by technologysolutions.(4)

"In a world whereenterprises must instantly react to changing markets, clients areturning to HP Converged Infrastructure to dramatically improvetheir agility," said Dave Donatelli, executive vice president andgeneral manager, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, HP."The new solutions announced today extend the benefits ofconvergence to deliver new levels of speed, simplicity andefficiency that enable clients to capitalize and anticipatechange."

ConvergedSystems accelerate time to application value
HP Converged Systems speed solution deploymentby providing a common architecture, management and security modelacross virtualization, cloud and dedicated applicationenvironments. They include:   

  • HP VirtualSystemincreases performance and reduces complexity with anarchitecture optimized for virtual server and virtual desktopenvironments. It integrates server, storage, networking,virtualization software and services, dramatically simplifyingdeployment and management. It also provides advanced security andsingle-pane-of-glass management across hybrid environments, and itsupports Microsoft® Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and VMware. HPVirtualSystem provides a simple path to cloud computing with arapid upgrade to HP CloudSystem.

  • HP CloudSystem, originally announced January 2011,provides a platform for building and managing cloud services acrossprivate, public and hybrid environments. Universal security,governance and multitenant management enable clients to ensurequality of service and reduce risk.

  • HP AppSystemmaximizes performance while simplifying deploymentand application management. These systems offer best practiceoperations with a standard architecture that lowers total cost ofownership. Among the new systems areHP Vertica Analytics System, as well as HP Database ConsolidationSolution andHP Business Data WarehouseAppliance, which areboth optimized for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

HP TechnologyServicesprovides afull life cycle of consulting services including strategy,assessment, design, test, implementation andtraining.HP Solution Supportprovides single-point-of-contact services for theentire turnkey solution, including third-partysoftware.

HP Converged Storage drives rapidresponse
Legacy monolithic and unified storage architectureswere designed to address predictable workloads, structured data anddedicated access – before the explosive growth of web browsers andsmartphones. Today’s requirements, however, are exactly opposite,with unpredictable application workloads, such as cloud,virtualization and big data applications. These IT challengeschange the relationship between storage, servers, networks andapplications, requiring a new level of integration across theenterprise.

To address this gap in storage, HP’s new Converged Storagearchitecture fundamentally changes how data is accessed byintegrating scale-out storage software with converged server andstorage hardware platforms. Advanced management tools that span thearchitecture help speed IT service delivery. As a result, clientscan deploy and grow storage 41 percent faster(5) whilereducing administration time by up to 90percent.(6)

HPConverged Storage solutions enable clients to independentlyincrease performance and capacity without downtime for any datatype or application workload. New solutions include: 

  • HP X5000 G2 Network StorageSystemsincreaseavailability for file serving in small enterprise environments.Built on HP BladeSystem technology, they can be deployed in minutesand reduce power requirements up to 58 percent, cooling needs up to63 percent and storage footprint up to 50percent.(7)

  • HP X9000 IBRIX Network StorageSystemsoptimizeretention of unstructured data with new compliance features and thecapacity for more than 1 million snapshots. The solution providesinsight to the enterprise on trends, market dynamics and otherpertinent facts by simplifying management of massive data sets.Policy management capabilities automate the movement of data tooptimize resources. It is ideal as a content archiving solution foremail, SharePoint files, multimedia, medical image archival(Picture Archive Communications Systems) and other file-baseddata.

Enhanced HP storage systems and newservices
HP’s fifth-generation Enterprise Virtual Array(EVA) family includes the newHP P6000 EVA, offering thin provisioning and DynamicLUN Migration software along with 8Gb Fibre Channel, 10 Gb iSCSIand FCoE support. This easy-to-manage solution enables clients toconsolidate application data to speed administration and reducetotal cost of ownership.

HPEnterprise Services has integrated HP 3PAR Storage into the HP DataCenter Storage Package, which offers world-class storage managementservices that allow clients to "flex" their storage needs up anddown with changes in demand. Offering thin provisioning andautonomic data tiering, this service provides 3PAR in a utilitystorage model.

HPalso announced a new Storage Consulting Servicesoffering that helps clients to design anddeploy a Converged Storage environment, optimize the storageinfrastructure, reduce costs, and protect and align data whilepreparing storage for cloud computing.

First Converged Data Center sets standard for thefuture
Demands for data center capacity continue to rise,however traditional brick-and-mortar construction methods can takeup to two years or longer to build, are costly and can consume moreenergy than the technology they support.

The HPPOD 240a, theworld’s most efficient data center, can be deployed in weeks versusyears, as well as save up-front capital costs by up to 75 percentwhen compared to a brick-and-mortar facility.(8) Annualfacilities energy savings can be reduced by up to 95 percent with aPower Usage Effectiveness (PUE) as low as 1.05, compared to a PUEof 2.0 for traditional datacenters.(9)

Automation helps drive agility
HP Server Automation9.1providesheterogeneous, automated server life cycle management forenterprise servers and applications for both converged andtraditional environments. With new integrated database automation,it offers a single tool that enables IT to significantly reduce thetime it takes to achieve full application life cycleautomation.

A livevideo of the HP DISCOVER press conference will be available at 10a.m. PT on June 6 at www.hp.com/go/agileIT. On-demand replays will beavailable.

Additional information about HP’s announcements at its premierclient event, HP DISCOVER is available at www.hp.com/go/agility2011.

About HP
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  1. Based on internal HP testing.  
  2. The HP POD 240a offers a reduction in deployment time andannual energy savings when compared with traditional data centersbuilt from the ground up, based on HP internal engineeringanalyses. HP Pod-Works allows for the build of multiple PODssimultaneously and features seven staging bays with 3 megawatts ofpower and network connections to perform customized assembly,testing and shipping, speeding time to value over the industryaverage, according to HP internal testing.  
  3. New POD technology from HP offers 95 percent greater energyefficiency compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar data center,based on internal HP testing.  
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  6. Based on documented client results that are subject to uniquebusiness conditions, client IT environment, HP products deployedand other factors. These results may not be typical; results mayvary.  
  7. As compared to HP’s previousproduct offering, the X3820 2-Node Network StorageSystem.  
  8. The HPPOD 240a offers a reduction in capital investment costs,savings clients as much as $24.7 million in savings over building atraditional 1.2 megawatt data center.
  9. Based on HP estimates and analysis of energy savingscomparisons between an EcoPOD and traditional data center.

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