HP Unveils Performance Suite for the Instant-On Enterprise

New software products help IT perform at its peak

ASIA PACIFIC, June 6, 2011 – HP today unveileda new suite of software to operationalize, measure and improve ITperformance across the industry’s broadest set of technologyinvestments and asset classes.

Techexecutives require standardized, efficient tools that measure,benchmark and improve performance. Having a comprehensive view ofthis performance enables chief information officers (CIOs) todeliver an Instant-OnEnterprisethat embedstechnology in everything it does to serve customers, employees,partners and citizens with everything they need,instantly.

Today,most key performance indicators (KPIs) for IT are collected acrossdisparate systems using different methods. This creates managementcomplexities that can slow responses to shifting priorities andchanging market conditions.

The HP IT Performance Suiteincludes the new HP IT Executive Scorecard andhelps IT perform better by providing CIOs insight from across theindustry’s most comprehensive range of solutions to manage andoptimize application development, infrastructure and operationsmanagement, security, information management, and financialplanning and administration.

Eachproduct in the HP Software portfolioimproves the performance of the discrete ITfunctions addressed, while the IT Executive Scorecard helpstechnology executives optimize overall IT investments andoutcomes.

The HPIT Executive Scorecard provides visibility into criticalperformance indicators at cascading levels of IT leadership. Itsfoundation is the open IT Data Model with built-in capabilities tointegrate data from multiple sources, including third-partyproducts, to deliver a single view of IT metrics. Using thescorecard, IT leaders can rapidly measure, benchmark and addressperformance issues on their organizations’ journey to becoming anInstant-OnEnterprise.

"EveryCIO needs to do two things: constantly shift resources to supportchanging enterprise priorities and clearly demonstrate return on ITinvestment," said Bill Veghte, executive vice president, Software, HP. "The HP ITPerformance Suite is the first software offering that does both, byputting the power of agility into the hands – and budgets – of ITleaders with real-time insight and optimization of ITinvestments."

Evaluate, develop, action!
The IT Performance Suite uses HP’s life cycleapproach to software development and management, and integratesindustry standards such as the Information TechnologyInfrastructure Library (ITIL). In addition, HP research has identified 150standard, best-in-class KPIs, more than 50 of which are included inthe upcoming release of the HP IT ExecutiveScorecard.

Through HP’s unique cascading scorecard approach, KPIs aredistributed in dashboards that provide real-time, role-basedperformance insights to technology leadership, allowing alignmentacross common goals for an entire IT organization.

Expected to be available soon, theCIO Edition Standard is the HP IT Performance Suite’s firstpersona-oriented solution. It includes theExecutive Scorecardalong withFinancial Planning andAnalysis,Project and PortfolioManagement,andAssetManagermodules. This edition automatically integratesdata from the modules to provide more than 20 best-practice KPIscovering financial and project health, enabling the optimization ofIT performance from a business investment point ofview.

"Leveraging emerging technologies to drive newbusiness models is becoming my primary focus," said AlexanderPasik, chief information officer of the world’s largest technicalprofessional association, Institute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers (IEEE). "The traditional operational aspects of IT mustbe streamlined and instrumented, and thus measurable, so as toenable this increasingly necessary function. With IEEE’s plannedimplementation of the HP IT Performance Suite, I expect to have,for the first time, one complete view of IT’s performance using theindicators that matter most to our business."

More tools and services
As a first step, HP’s onlineCIOandCloud Assessmenttools help clients quickly evaluate their current levelof IT Performance Management maturity.HPStrategic Advisory Servicesare designed to help clients define KPIs based onenterprise priorities and deliver actionable roadmaps to ensuremaximum value from the HP IT Performance Suite.HPSolution Consulting Servicesuse a deep expertise in HP Software products to helpclients reduce costs and ease the implementation oftheHP IT PerformanceSuite.

Manyof the solutions that make up the IT Performance Suite areavailable as a service, based on HP’s decade-long experience inhelping IT professionals rapidly adapt to change, deploy in-houseresources more effectively and assure business outcomes for theenterprise.

New communities
People who register now for the new onlinecommunity Discover Performance atwww.hp.com/go/discoverperformance/regwill receive the inaugural edition ofInflexion, a bimonthly online publication that delivers actionableinsight from peers, thought leaders and analysts.

Community members receive access to exclusive content and analysiswith a focus on initiatives that turn IT performance into businesssuccess. Members also will be invited to exclusive webinars andlocal events.

The HP IT Performance Suite, CIO Edition Standardand the HP IT Executive Scorecard are expected to be availablesoon.

HP’spremier client event, HP DISCOVER, takes place June 6 - 10 in Las Vegas and Nov. 29 -Dec. 1 in Vienna, Austria. The event showcases how organizationscan get started on their Instant-On Enterprisejourneys. 

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