Press Release: 13. January 2011
Topics: Security

SingTel Protects Customer Data with HP Networking Solutions

ASIA PACIFIC, January 13, 2011 -- HPtoday announced that SingTel has selected HP Networking as apartner to protect its customers’ data, applications andinfrastructure.

According to recent research from HP, thegrowing use of web-based applications and social networking sitesin the enterprise have exposed networks to security threats. Webbrowsers and web client applications are often the main entry pointfor attackers to gain access to a network. These new threatsendanger business confidentiality, integrity andavailability.

Tocombat these threats, SingTel, the largest telecommunicationsoperator in Singapore, now offers HP TippingPoint Intrusion PreventionSystems(IPS) as partof its managed security services for mid-market and enterprisecustomers. The solution protects businesses from internal andexternal attacks, unauthorized access and leakage of confidentialdata. IPS uses a hardware-based intrusion prevention platform todefend VoIP infrastructure, routers, switches and other criticalcomponents from attacks.

"SingTel’s customers rely on us to thwart malicious attacks andsafeguard their critical data so they can focus on running theirbusinesses," said Goh Boon Huat, Head, Business Product, SingTel."HP TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems coupled withSingTel’s state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre ensuresprotection against network security risks.  With clear mitigationreports, we are able to demonstrate that we are protecting networksfrom thousands of threats each day and that inspires customerconfidence."

An integral part of the IPSsolution is the unique Digital Vaccine® service, developed byDVLabs, a research organization focused onvulnerability analysis and discovery. The Digital Vaccine deliverscomprehensive security files designed to pinpoint the source ofattack - from the simplest to the most complex - withoutcompromising network performance.

"Faced with a barrage ofsecurity threats, organizations have a critical need to safeguardtheir networks," said Daniel Lee, general manager, HP TippingPointGroup, Asia Pacific and Japan. "With the HP TippingPoint IPS andDigital Vaccine service, SingTel customers get the benefit ofup-to-date security protection that helps thwart damaging attacksaimed at the network."

Moreinformation about the HP TippingPoint portfolio is available at HP TippingPoint products also are part ofthe HP Secure Advantage portfolio of HP products and services. HPTechnology Services will be providing global support for SingTelcustomers. More information is available

SingTel is Asia's leading communications groupproviding a portfolio of services including voice and datasolutions over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms as well asinfocomm technology and pay TV. It has a network of 37 offices in20 countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, Europe andthe United States. Together with its regional partners, SingTel isAsia’s largest multi-market mobile operator, serving more than 351million mobile customers in eight markets.

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