HP Simplifies Networking to Increase Performance, Reduce Costs in a Converged Infrastructure

ASIA PACIFIC, June 29, 2010 – HP today announcednewhigh-performance network solutions that expand the portfoliotoenable the company’sConverged Infrastructure strategy by delivering simplifiedserverconnectivity.   

The new offerings,whichincludea new Fibre ChanneloverEthernet (FCoE) module for the high-performanceHP A5820 data center switch(H3CS5820x),are designed to improveapplicationavailability, increase deployment flexibility and lowerthe overalltotal cost of ownership (TCO) of the networkinfrastructure. Theseadditions bring enhanced server edgetechnology toHP’sFlexFabric highperformance, flexible and securedata center networking fabric fora ConvergedInfrastructure.   

Traditional data center networks are rigid, complexandexpensive. As such, they are unable to keep pace withtheincreasing use of server virtualization and rapid changesinbusiness demands. FCoE is an emerging technology thatreducesnetwork complexity, as well as costs, whilecomplementingtraditional Fibre Channel and iSCSI storageconnectivitysolutions. 

The FCoE module for the HP A5820 data centerswitchefficiently connects virtual and physical servers to Ethernetandstorage networks. The new solution will significantlysimplifyconnectivity and reduce costs where the bulk of thecomplexityexists - at the server edge. This approach to FCoE helpsclientsavoid a complete network overhaul by choosing anincrementalmigration path to deploy FCoE end to end. This enablesclients toset the stage for future network convergence deploymentswhileleveraging existing Fibre Channel investments. 

Enablingconverged networks
HP’s new, industry standards based FCoE module for theHPA5820 data center switch converges storage and networktop-of-rackswitches as well as dedicated server and storage networkadapters.This enables clients to reduce required equipment andcabling by upto 75 percent.(1) Other client benefitsinclude: 

  • Up to 10 times performance improvement overexistingGigabit (Gb) connectivity technology with dual speed 1/10Gb portsand wire-speed 10 Gb per second throughput.

  • Reduced energy costs with an optimized airflowdesignthat separates the "hot" aisles from the "cold" aisles in thedatacenter to increase efficiency in the cooling system.

  • Simplified deployment with an HP networkingA-seriescommon operating system and Intelligent Management Center(IMC) forsingle-pane-of-glass management across the entirenetwork. 

The new HPA5820FCoE solution complements the recently introduced HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric moduleforBladeSystem, whichreducescomplexity at the server edge by automating and virtualizingserverconnectivity to data and storage networks. The HP VirtualConnectmodule enables clients to reduce up to 95 percent ofnetworkequipment by eliminating the need for multipleinterconnects.(2)  It also lowers power and coolingcosts up to 40percent per year(2) while dramaticallysimplifyingchange management.   

Pricingand availability
In Asia Pacific and Japan, the new HP FCoE module fortheHP A5820 switch is expected to be available from August2010onwards. Pricing starts at $9,999, basedonconfiguration.(3) 

Moreinformationabout these products is available at www.hp.com/go/NewHPNetworkingSolutions.   

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  1. Based on a 75 percent reductionofrequired switches and interface cards, from eighttotwo. 
  2. Based on HP analysis. 
  3. Estimated U.S. street prices. Actual prices may vary 
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