Press Release: 12. December 2009
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The latest technology is not always essential. “Remanufactured Products” – the low cost, environmentally friendly choice

New products featuring the latest technology constantly appear one after another on the market. However, the main purpose of corporate systems does not lie in using the latest technology, but in a stable operation. The inclusion of remanufactured hardware products in a customer’s system yields a number of benefits, including a great ROI (return on investment). Hewlett-Packard (HP) offers a broad range of quality remanufactured products through their HP Renew Program.

Remanufactured Products - different to used products. As good as new at lower prices.

“It seems that many people believe that used products are the same as remanufactured or refurbished products, but actually they are completely different” says Masaharu Maeda, Sales Manager of the Equipment Management & Remarketing Sales Department at HP Japan.

HP offers "HP Renew products" (remanufactured products) through its HP Renew Program. HP Renew products comprise of surplus stock as well as products originally for demonstration use. The latest technology is available as more than 80% of products are less 12 months old., which have been remanufactured within one year of being newly released. Included in the remanufactured portfolio are HP ProLiant Servers and Blades alongside HP Business Critical Servers, amongst other enterprise focused products. Says Maeda: “Only those remanufactured products that have passed through a strict quality control process and meet the same standards as new products are shipped as HP Renew products. In other words, they are indistinguishable from new ones”.

All HP Renew products are certified to have passed the rigorous HP Renew Refurbishment and quality inspection processes. A checklist of 23 strict building and testing processes ensuring products are fully restored to meet HP certified standards. The PDF document of the HP Renew Refurbishment Process document can be found on the Refurbishment Process page of the HP Renew website (

"As well as being upgraded to the latest firmware and OS, the original same-as-new HP warranty is also applied. This is the big difference between remanufactured and used products” says Maeda.

For corporate users, the inclusion of manufacturer's support to provide coverage in the unlikely event of a problem can be argued to be an essential condition of purchase.

Also, with a price around 15% less than new products, the biggest benefit enterprise users gain from using remanufactured products is the cost saving. Being able to obtain products at lower than normal prices, that are as good as new in terms of quality and warranty is a huge attraction.

Integrating remanufactured products into the lifecycle of your system.

In what situations can remanufactured products be useful?

In cases where customers would like to maintain or extend a proven, stable environment, or where migrating to a new system would take a large amount of time, maintaining the current system is preferable. In these situations using remanufactured products can be advantageous. Through using HP Renew, it is also possible to obtain products that are no longer being manufactured as new, and therefore extend the lifespan of an existing system.

In addition, when customers want to migrate to a new system within a short period but new products are currently out of stock, HP Renew products can be delivered at low cost within time restrictions.

“There is a gap between the lifecycle of a company’s IT system and the lifecycle of hardware products, and it is not always necessary to use the latest technology. There are situations where the previous model represents a better option and also eliminates the time needed to investigate new products. By integrating the advantageously priced HP Renew products into your system lifecycle, it is possible to build and run a system that yields a great return on IT investment at a low cost" says Maeda.

For an example of an application of HP Renew products within Japan, look no further than major electrical chain retailer Yodobashi Camera. In response to a large increase in the amount of data and transactions processed by their mission-critical system, Yodobashi Camera managed to implement a new system in an extremely short period of time by introducing HP Renew products and virtualization technology.

Case studies from overseas are also plentiful. HP successfully runs the HP Renew Program worldwide, and has bases for remanufactured products in the US, Germany, and Singapore. Examples of HP Renew products being utilized overseas can be found on the following HP Renew website:

Finally, from an environmental point of view, using remanufactured products has universally acknowledged benefits. With regards to Green IT, there are many instances of energy conservation technologies such as virtualization, server integration, and energy efficient CPUs coming under the microscope, but the reuse of products themselves also greatly contributes to the conservation of the global environment.

The construction and maintenance of information systems that use remanufactured products is a wise, low cost choice that is also kind to the environment.

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