HP t610 Flexible Thin Client

HP t820 Flexible Thin Client

HP t820 Flexible Thin Client

Ignite your IT environment with HP’s most powerful thin client solution.

HP’s most powerful thin client is the full-featured solution to boost efficiency and performance. Get a responsive, smooth desktop experience from a superfast processor. Robust security options deliver superior data protection. Enable cost-effective, remote IT management – and simplify deployments – with the flexibility of a multi-protocol environment. Multiple monitors expand multitasking.

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* WES 8 configurations coming soon

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  1. The HP t820 platform ships with the Intel® Core™ i5 processor included; please contact the HP account manager on Intel® Pentium® processor availability.Warranty and Service: This three-year (3-3-0), limited warranty and service offering delivers three years of parts and labor coverage through a return-for-repair service system, and includes free telephone support 24 x 7. Global coverage ensures that any product purchased in one country and transferred to another non-restricted country will remain fully covered under the original warranty and service offering. Countries and regions offer different warranties and HP Care Pack services. For HP Care Pack services see: www.hp.com/go/lookuptool
  2. When the HP t820 model configuration includes an Intel Core i5 processor but not a discrete MXM graphics card, all three monitor ports are driven by the processor's integrated graphics engine. When the model is configured with an Intel Pentium only 2 of the 3 graphics display ports are active. Due to a limitation with the Intel integrated graphics, when a DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI adapter is installed, the VGA port will not be active.
  3. When this MXM graphics card is installed in the USDT all three monitor ports are active. The integrated processor graphics will operate the top DisplayPort while the discrete ATI graphics will operate the bottom Multi-Stream DisplayPort and the VGA output.
  4. For systems configured with more than 3 GB of memory and a 32-bit operating system, all memory may not be available due to system resource requirements. Addressing memory above 4 GB requires a 64-bit operating system.
  5. Either the integrated network connection or the Intel Centrino wireless NIC is required to support Intel vPro Technology features.
  6. The front microphone port is re-taskable as a Line-in, Microphone-in or Headphone-out port. Rear audio input ports are re-taskable as a Line-in or Microphone-in port. External speakers must be powered externally. Multi-streaming can be enabled in the Realtek control panel to allow independent audio streams to be sent to/from the front and rear jacks. This allows for different audio applications to use separate audio ports on the system. For example, the front jacks could be used with a headset for a communications application while the rear jacks are being used with external speakers and a multimedia application.
  7. When configured with an Intel Celeron, Pentium or 4th generation Intel Core i3 CPU only two of the available video output ports are active.