3D Printing in Education

Educate and empower the next-generation workforce.


Customer testimonials

“When we start printing parts in color, the models are going to be much more appealing aesthetically. The students are going to make their gadget…and it’s going to look like a professional product. Color is what got me excited about [the technology]. But now this machine is so awesome I’d almost be just as happy as if it never had color—even though it is nice to print the Clemson orange!”

Timothy Pruett, Manager of the 3D Printing Lab for the Machining and Technical Services (MTS) group, part of the CECAS at Clemson University 


"They’ve been able to realize their dream, what they’re thinking in their head, what they’re seeing on their computer, so it’s really a moment for them of true learning inflection. We’re exposing them to how 3D printing processes work, they’re able to use that in their education, but we’re also teaching them how things are going to be made in the future.“

John Desjardins, Bioengineering Professor at Clemson University


“HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology is a very advanced technology for mechanical engineering students. I’m really happy to see the students’ faces when they realize that their designed product can be delivered in one hour by MJF technology.”

László Máthé, EBK Technical Manager/Chief Engineer + Lecturer at Szent István University


“No longer are additive machines limited to prototyping, but now we have a system that spans from presentation to prototype to production.” 

Justin Andrews, Computer Aided Design Instructor at Ogden-Weber Technical College

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