Pressmeddelande: 08. juni 2011

HP lanserar världens mest effektiva modulära datacenter

HP EcoPOD erbjuder företag enastående tids-, kostnads- och energibesparingar.

STOCKHOLM, 8 juni, 2011 –HP lanserar idag världens mest effektiva modulära datacenter som kan rullas ut på endast 12 veckor, och till en fjärdedel av kostnaden jämfört med ett traditionellt datacenter.(1)

Genom att förbruka 95 procent mindre energi förstärker HP POD 240a, som även kallas“HP EcoPOD”, HPs ledarskap inom modulära datacenter och representerar en helt ny klass bland företagets HP Performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs).

HP EcoPOD bygger på HP Converged Infrastructure, och är en out-of-the-box-lösning. Den tillhandahåller företag, med en föråldrad infrastruktur, begränsat utrymme eller minskad budget, den flexibilitet och skalbarhet som krävs för att kunna möta ökande kapacitetskrav.

HP EcoPOD lämpar sig väl för expansion av datacenter, ny kapacitet och backup, eller som ett tillfälligt datacenter vid underhåll av befintlig installation. HP EcoPOD ger maximal densitet med en kompromisslös servicenivå.

“Det växande beroendet av flexibla IT-resurer, samt mängden information, ställer givetvis högre krav på företagens datacenter, som utgör navet i IT-strukturen. HP EcoPOD effektiviserar processen och bidrar samtidigt till betydande energibesparingar, säger Robert Fletcher, Product Manager ProLiant, HP Sverige”

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The HP EcoPOD streamlines a 10,000-square-foot data center into a compact, modular package in one-tenth the space. It provides a traditional data center servicemodel while housing up to 44 industry standard racks of IT equipment and more than 4,400 servers. The technology is accessible via two cold aisles or a shared eight-foot hot aisle for stream lined serviceability.

Unique HP Adaptive Cooling technology developed in part by HPLabs, the company’s central research facility, enables clients to intelligently optimize energy savings based on IT load, climate and policy by automatically adjusting cooling methods, including using outside air. As a result, clients can reduce energy use by 95 percent when compared to a traditional facility.(2)

Additionally, the HP EcoPOD Environmental Control System provides comprehensive management, automation and integration. With powerful remote access capabilities, it is simple, programmable and extensible to existing building control systems.

“Constrained by budget, power and space limitations, customers need a cost-efficient, modular computing environment that can be quickly deployed,” said Michelle Bailey, vice president, Research, IDC. “The new HP EcoPODaddresses key requirements that make modular data centers a more attractive option for a greater number of customers, industries andusage models.”

The highly efficient, modular HP EcoPOD enables clients to:

— Speed time to value by 88 percent with HP POD-Works.The world’s first assembly facility for accelerating delivery of modular data centers provides clients a fully integrated, pretested HP EcoPOD in as little as 12 weeks. Traditional data centers can take two years or more to plan, build and deploy.(3)

— Reduce capital investment costs by up to 75 percent. The HP EcoPod offers a unique, modular design and turnkey solution approach that can result in as much as $24.7 million savings for clients, compared with building a traditional 1.2-megawatt data center.(4)

— Decrease facilities energy costs by up to 95 percent utilizing HP Adaptive Cooling technology with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) as low as 1.05, compared to a PUE of 2.0 or more for a traditional brick-and-mortarfacility.(5)

Customers gain a faster return on their investment through HP’s comprehensive life cycle services that include planning, design, onsite support and simplified service support management.

HP EcoPOD availability
The HP EcoPOD is currently available in limited quantities to early-adopter clients. Broad availability is scheduled for the end of the year in North America, and will follow in other regions.(9)

HP Converged Infrastructure is a key element to an Instant-On Enterprise. In a world of continuous connectivity, the Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and citizens with whatever they need, instantly.

HP’s premier client event, HP DISCOVER, takes place June 6 - 10 in Las Vegas and Nov. 29 - Dec. 1 in Vienna, Austria. The event showcases how organizations can get started on their Instant-On Enterprise journeys.

För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta:

Robert Fletcher, Product Manager ProLiant, HP Sverige, tel: 08-524 93 953
Gunilla Lundqvist, informationschef, HP Sverige, tel: 08-524 90400


HP skapar nya möjligheter för tekniken att ge en meningsfull och positiv inverkan på människor, företag, myndigheter och samhälle. Som världens största teknikföretag erbjuder HP ett utbud som spänner över utskrifts- och datorprodukter, mjukvara, tjänster och it-infrastruktur. Genom att kombinera molnet med anslutningsmöjligheter skapar HP säkra, situationsanpassade upplevelser för en uppkopplad värld. Mer information om HP (NYSE: HPQ) finns på

(1) The HP POD 240a offers a reduction in deployment time, capital spend and annual energy savings when compared with traditional data centers built from theground up, based on HP internal engineering analyses.
(2) New POD technology from HP offers 95 percent greater energyefficiency compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar data center,based on internal HP testing.
(3) Construction costs are derived from HP internal testing andcomparisons of assembling a POD compared to building a traditionaldata center. Implementation time savings of 88 percent is derivedfrom HP internal testing and comparisons of assembling a PODcompared to average construction time for traditional datacenters.
(4) Based on HP cost estimates and comparisons to building atraditional data center.
(5) Average U.S. home uses 11,040 kilowatt hours per year accordingto the U.S. Department of Energy.

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