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HP Extends Converged Storage Leadership with New Storage Federation Technology

New HP 3PAR Storage Systems deliver breakthroughs in agility, efficiency and performance

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 23, 2011–HP today expanded its ConvergedStorage portfolio with HPPeer Motion, new federated storage software that enablesclients to transparently move application workloads betweendisksystems in virtualized and cloud computing environments.

HP also introduced new HPP10000 3PAR Storage Systems with powerful features for thedelivery of enterprise IT within public and private clouds, calledIT-as-a-Service. These features include multitenancy for workloadconsolidation, expanded thin technologies for efficient capacityutilization and autonomic load rebalancing to drive enterpriseagility.

IDC estimates that by 2012, 85 percent of new applications will bespecifically designed to be accessed in the cloud.(1) Agiledelivery of these virtualized and cloud-based applications requireslinking multiple storage systems together to act as a singleentity. Called storage federation, this capability can eliminatethe extra layer of virtualization appliances and, as a result,decrease cost, administration overhead and service-level riskwithin the data center architecture.

“Legacy storage systems architected 20 years ago were neverdesigned for the dynamic IT-as-a-Service world, forcingorganizations to use expensive and inefficient bolt-onvirtualization approaches,” said David Scott, senior vice presidentand general manager, Storage, HP. “The true peer-based storagefederation in HP Converged Storage solutions can handle theinherent unpredictability of always-on, multitenant environmentswhile reducing expense, management overhead and risk to servicelevels.”

Agility to deal with unpredictable demands
New HP Peer Motion software, available for HP LeftHand and HP 3PAR Storage Systems,delivers the industry’s first peer-to-peer storagefederationcapabilities that span from a virtual storage areanetwork (SAN) software appliance to midrange and high-end storagesystems. HP 3PAR and HP LeftHand Peer Motion software enablesclients to:

— Ensure constant productivity and redistribute workloadsnondisruptively in response to an unpredictable environment withfederated workload balancing.

— Increase return on investment with federated Thin Provisioning, which transparently moves application datato systems with available capacity, reducing the need forfuturestorage purchases.

— Improve productivity by moving data from retiring arrays to newsystems nondisruptively with federated asset management, whicheliminates downtime or service interruption during storage assetrefresh activities.

“Our research is telling us what IT executives all over the globealready suspect, namely that taking the same approach with storagein next-generation data centers won’t deliver the resultsneeded,”said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst atEnterprise Strategy Group, a full-service IT analyst and businessstrategy firm. “The new HP 3PAR platform scores at or near the topof every open-systems criteria we’ve considered for tier 1 storagefor this new data center model.”

Simplified management without sacrificing performance
Clients can be confident that the innovation which made3PAR unique is continuing as part of HP. Less than a year followingHP’s acquisition of 3PAR, the company is introducing the HP P100003PAR Storage System with two new models, the V400 and V800 (HP 3PARV-Class).

The HP 3PAR V-Class is a powerful, mission-critical storagesystemthat simultaneously supports mixed, unpredictable andmultitenant workloads on a single high-performance array. Thisunique capability is delivered by the HP 3PAR Gen4 ASIC, whichsimplifies management by:

— Consolidating unpredictable workloads, such as financial tradingand virtualized application deployments, without the need formanual separation of diverse workloads onto different storageresources or storage systems.

— Providing 1.5 times greater port connectivity and disk resources,as well as up to three times greater performance for sequentialworkloads such as data analytics, versus previous 3PARsystems.(2)

— Autonomically load balancing all data within the array inoneclick as new resources are added to the system, raising theperformance and service-level availability of all volumes on thesystem.

Efficiency to meet the demands of explosive datagrowth
Clients using competitive storage arrays typicallyachieve written data utilization rates as little as 10 to 20percent.(3) The HP 3PAR V-Class eliminates the need to purchaseunnecessary disk space by fully leveraging availablecapacitywith:

— Three times greater bandwidth for fat-to-thin conversion, whichallows clients to quickly move their data to more efficient thinvolumes, achieving greater capacity utilization.(3)

— Identification and reclamation of unused storage capacityingranular increments as an application writes and deletes datawitha new “nano reclamation” engine.

— Remote data replication that detects and eliminates unusedspacein traditional volumes, reducing network and remote capacityneeds.

The HP 3PAR V-Class is a core technology of the new HP VirtualSystem and HPCloudSystem solutions, which integrate hardware, software andservices to speed deployment and enable a simple path to an open,hybrid cloudenterprise.

Pricing and availability(4)
HP VirtualSystem and HP CloudSystem solutions featuringthe HP 3PAR V-Class Storage System are expected to be availablelater this year. The HP P10000 3PAR Storage System is expected tobe available worldwide on Aug. 29 with a U.S. list price startingat$288,633 from HP or channel partners.

HP 3PAR Peer Motion is a separate software product available foranadditional charge. Clients under existing support contracts for HPLeftHand Storage Systems can upgrade their operating environmentsat no additional charge to take advantage of HPLeftHand PeerMotion.

Additional HP 3PAR information is available at

HP’s premier client event, HP DISCOVER, takes place Nov. 29 - Dec.1 in Vienna, Austria. The event showcases how organizations can getstarted on their Instant-On Enterprise journeys.

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(1)  “Five Steps to Successful Integrated Cloud Management,”IDCWhite Paper sponsored by HP, IDC No. 228116, May 2011.
(2) Internal HP comparison of new and previous generations of3PARsystems.
(3) Based on documented experiences and business results inclientdeployments.
(4) Estimated U.S. list price. Actual prices may vary.

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