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Control and cost reduction are primary objectives for all enterprises today. Software licensing is a key route to reducing cost. Analyst research shows that effective agreement structuring and optimized licensing can reduce software costs by up 40%. Enterprise clients need trusted and proven advice from a partner who has extensive knowledge and experience across the complete lifecycle of enterprise volume licensing agreements. A partner like HPE SLMS.

HPE Software Licensing Advisory Services help you meet the demands of an ever changing IT industry, understand and choose relevant and appropriate software licensing options and develop effective strategies when negotiating with software publishers.

HPE SLAS4 Enterprise helps you to:

  • Develop effective strategies when negotiating with software publishers for a new enterprise volume licensing agreement
  • Identify the most important topics and questions to be addressed
  • Assess business and technology requirements
  • Map out and plan for possible future scenarios
  • Align corporate IT strategy with software publishers licensing and technology roadmaps
  • Evaluate licensing agreement options including cost modelling


The pace of IT change is accelerating. The transformation and consumption of services such as social, security, mobility, analytics and cloud present a paradigm shift from traditional models. You need expertise to align evolving complex IT with your business needs. A unique set of risks and challenges result from the lack of real knowledge of the licensing (and SAM) implications.

You are looking to experienced and trusted partners to help address the challenges of negotiating optimum Enterprise Agreements to help you adapt to the New Style of Business. You want solutions that enable business and IT to collaborate, contract effectively and consume efficiently. We can help ensure that your software agreements align with your corporate objectives, software investment is maximized and optimized, costs are planned and reduced and risk is mitigated.

Problem Solving

HPE SLAS4E sees expert HPE licensing consultants work with client stakeholders to evaluate and determine the most appropriate licensing solution based on agreed strategic and/or tactical criteria, aligning to IT roadmap and budget requirements.

Alignment of client locations with HPE subsidiaries (supporting our advisory and reseller capabilities) helps you understand and access optimal service and pricing structures for your enterprise licensing requirements. Use cases prove clients with effective volume licensing agreements can save up to 40% of existing software spend, ease budgetary constraints and improve operational efficiencies. Overall, this enables clients to focus more budget on technology projects that support smarter business practices.

Other HPE SLAS4E benefits realized by clients:

  • Clarity on vendor licensing concepts for IT and purchasing
  • Expert guidance across Volume Licensing Programs and alignment of program benefits to client objectives
  • Evaluation and alignment of volume licensing models for client organization.
  • Alignment of vendors product planning and expected launch dates to client enterprise adoption plans.
  • Review, analysis of current agreement structure and financial modeling on renewal options including calculating breakeven between volume licensing agreements versus Enterprise Agreements.
  • Tailored recommendations on the appropriate options that align to client business, IT and financial objectives and focus on deriving value from your software investment and decrease spend
  • Explanation of specific rules and usage rights including Downgrade, Reimaging, Deployment and Planning rights for products and how to interpret and apply them
  • Guidance on Enterprise Volume Licensing Agreement Negotiation Strategies and setting goals for the negotiation of new contract.
  • Best practice and opportunities to improve terms and pricing based on achievements from other international customer advisory engagements

Main Benefits of HPE SLAS4E

HPE licensing experts offers guidance on how to:

  • Get an overview of licensing solutions for on-premise & cloud-based services and overview of essential cost drivers and associated risks
  • Develop a strategy with real knowledge of the licensing pre-requisites and implications
  • Drive contract negotiations knowing the key concerns to be addressed
  • Review existing technology/solution roadmaps and determine the key strategic aspects that should be included in any contractual terms and conditions
  • Provide guidance on price protection over an extended term during strategy implementation
  • Utilize license mobility rights in your existing investment in Software Assurance Benefits to reduce need for unnecessary license purchases
  • Maintain rights to return to on premise licensing if required in the future.
  • Identify, analyze and mitigate risks and issues specific to software licensing arising from unique use cases for cloud or hybrid solutions and define tolerance levels for risk in each specific use case

Unique Value

  • Trusted & proven partner with 20 years’ experience as a global software licensing advisor, reseller & SAM services partner
  • HPE holds multiple accreditations from a variety of software vendors on a worldwide basis, recognized as one of Microsoft's top global License Solution Providers (LSP). HPE SLMS as a broker across over 1000 different vendors.
  • A portfolio of services across full software license lifecycle that drives cost reduction and efficiencies in client organization
  • Consistent solution rolled out and delivered globally by one partner
  • SLMS services are provided in more countries than our competition, ensuring the best global coverage.
  • HPE differentiates in that we provide a direct solution through one organization worldwide. Majority of competitors need to link with partners to service remote locations and emerging regions.
  • HPE supports ordering and billing in 180 countries, mitigating withholding taxes in 60 countries, more than our competitors.

Service Availability

HPE SLAS4E is available today to clients in all regions.
Get in contact with the HPE SLAS4E Team at: slmsadvisoryservices@hpe.com

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