HP Pavilion Keyboard and Mouse 200 (9DF28AA)

HP Pavilion Keyboard and Mouse 200 (9DF28AA)

Simple shortcuts for better work

Enjoy using updated shortcuts at your fingertips for a more productive workflow, including: Task View, File Manager, Office Hotkeys, and Media Controls.

Type in total comfort

Experience the chiclet keyboard designed for fast, comfortable, and accurate typing and the built-in palm rest for added comfort.

Compact, clean design

Simple is beautiful; enjoy using a clean, compact keyboard paired with an elegant, glossy mouse.

A combo delivering consistent, convenient control

Agile and accurate

Offering up to 1600dpi, this wired mouse is as agile as you are and highly efficient.

Indicators for your keys

3 LED green light indicators for your most important keys, caps lock, num locks, and scroll keys.

Connectivity made easy

Enjoy a dependable, easy USB connection to your PC.

Tech specs

  • Weight:

    0.5 kg (keyboard); 0.09 kg (mouse)

  • Minimum dimensions (W x D x H):

    46.5 x 17.44 x 2.35 cm (keyboard); 11.5 x 6.9 x 3.8 cm (mouse)