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SAM Advisory Services

Software costs, licensing complexity, and vendor audits are all on the increase. According to Gartner in Oct 2014, “The number, frequency, and impact of software vendor audits continue to rise rapidly, and are getting C-suite and even board-level attention.” Yet, many clients are not taking the necessary steps to manage their software assets effectively.

By improving Software Asset Management (SAM) practices, organizations like yours can reduce costs, minimize risk, and optimize the value obtained through your use of software. With more than 20 years' of proven success in the industry, HPE SLMS has the expertise, processes, and methods to assist you both with your immediate challenges and with achieving your long term SAM goals.

SLMS Software Asset Management (SAM) Advisory Services can help you to assess your software licensing compliance and build your business case for more proactive software asset management.


Test your licensing knowledge

Do you really know where your compliance issues are? Do you suspect your organization is squandering money on unnecessary software purchases and maintenance? Are you getting the full value out of your software investment?

Do you have the data to answer these questions definitively?

HPE’s Software Asset Management Advisory Services (SAMAS) can help you be proactive in mitigating the threat of software audits. Our expertise and proven methods can help you immediately identify and chart a path toward proactive software asset management to maximize your software investment.

As well as audit mitigation, effective SAM practices enable you to effectively manage your software investment and cut your software budget by up to 30%.

Problem Solving

Clients have utilized HPE SAMAS to address the following use cases:

  • Immediate evaluation of licensing status against current install base – compliance monitoring, audit, enterprise True up
  • Robust business case for investing in SAM practices
  • Clarity on whether your SAM processes meet your needs
  • Preparation to face and mitigate any non-compliancy outcomes of vendor audits
  • Data and expertise to contest audit findings
  • Ability to track inventory or license data
  • Control and consistency of business processes
  • Clamp down on Shadow IT software purchases
  • Knowledge of your licensing and entitlement data
  • Understand business/IT requirements and confidence in vendor negotiations
  • Exploit purchasing power and identify savings opportunities

Main Benefits

The HPE SAM Baseline will help you:

  • Quickly understand your compliance status and effectively identify and deal with compliance issues
  • Make sense of inventory and licensing data to determine software consumption and entitlement
  • Reconcile consumption and entitlement to determine compliance and proactively minimize issues
  • Prepare an effective audit defense
  • Free up your resources to focus on valuable projects
  • Optimize software use

The HPE SAM Review will help you:

  • Access expert and objective SAM knowledge and experience
  • Identify the key SAM stakeholders in your organization and build sponsorship
  • Understand the qualitative and financial benefits of SAM
  • Evaluate the organization to develop a customized plan for SAM adoption or SAM improvements

Unique Value

HPE SAMAS is uniquely positioned to offer:

  • Expertise honed from more than 20 years' experience as a global Licensing Solutions Provider (for Microsoft) and multivendor Value Added Reseller
  • Comprehensive recommendations, license fulfillment and tailored solutions for license management
  • A broad range of follow-on solutions; from on-premise, client owned solutions to a managed service
  • Proven HPE global asset management tools
  • Credibility of HPE global footprint and resources to deliver robust solutions for enterprise clients

Service Availability

HPE SAMAS is available today to clients in all regions.
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