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Vendor Workloads

Extensive changes were announced over the last 2 years for a number of popular software products and associated vendor workloads, including:

  • Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Microsoft System Center
  • Citrix Mobility Services
  • Oracle changes in per-processor licensing

Further changes to product licensing are expected as publishers align to the New Style of Business. Clients tell us they do not fully understand the licensing changes that impact IT planning activities. This complexity is driving cost increases and compliance issues. Keeping up to date with the licensing implications of the changing IT environment is not a trivial task. Clients are struggling to understand and plan for the extensive changes regularly announced for popular software products and vendor workloads. The financial implications of these changes to Enterprise clients is significant.

HPE Software Licensing Advisory Services for Vendor Workloads (SLAS4VW) can help you understand software licensing for specific key workloads and develop migration strategies and plans for the future. Our service provides you with data, documents and workshops that facilitate optimum decision making.

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