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About us

HP is proud to present its new Health Center of Excellence (HCoE) in Oslo, Norway. The HCoE is both a competence center and a showroom for healthcare, logistics and work flow products. The center also demonstrates a selection of the project competency, experience and resources available within the area of healthcare.

Akershus University Hospital

The HCoE is located at Akershus University Hospital (Ahus). This means you have the opportunity to see how one modern hospital has built and now utilizes a comprehensive Digital Hospital installation, in addition to the ideas and discussions you may gain from the Health Center of Excellence itself.


We believe you will be impressed with our ideas and examples of delivering state of the art technology to secure meaningful information anytime, anywhere within a hospital environment, and thus improve patient care. But we are keen to learn more – bring your problems and see if we can find new insights together!

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Discover HP’s Health Center of Excellence.

Your host at the HCoE is Arve-Olav Solumsmo. Contact him at mail@hcoe.no or mobile phone +47 928 30 700 if you have any questions!



Sykehusveien 27
4th floor
Lørenskog, Norway
Call us: +47 928 30 700
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HCoE panoramic view
Tooltip   Waiting area The patient arrives for a scheduled appointment –
and registers at the self-serve terminal with a code received via SMS or admission letter.
Waiting area
Tooltip Doctors office From the outpatient clinic examination room, the doctor can see his own schedule, change it if a patient is late, and send direct messages patients. Doctors office   Tooltip   Virtual Desktop The doctor may leave his office but continue his session on another PC, or carry it in his pocket – on a tablet, i-Pad or android device. Virtual Desktop Tooltip   Outpatient Clinic overview The clinic coordinator has an overview of patients, appointments and doctors, as well as external factors like lab work. Outpatient Clinic overview Tooltip   Admission One outpatient needs immediate hospitalization.
The coordinator can see bed vacancies. Push or pull? Your choice.
Tooltip   Nurses station What is happening at the ward? Vacant rooms, cleaning, nurse call activity. Stay up to date and focused with one glance. Nurses station Tooltip   Emergency – overview The screen shows ongong activity – what is incoming, who needs help, what are we waiting for? Transparent coordination is the key to efficiency. Emergency – overview Tooltip   Stay paperless Use standard printers to print admission writstbands. Scan any paper on admission and automatically attach it to records. Print anywhere with Pull Print. Stay paperless Tooltip   Patient room “I can watch movies. I can call my kids. I can see what’s for dinner, and I can get information about my disease. Brilliant.” Patient room Tooltip   Examination Much of hospital work is done away from your desk. Planning interventions. Interpreting data. Behind the scene, but always connected. Examination Tooltip Home care Keeping patients out of the hospital may be a key to long term sustainability of our healthcare system. Home care   Tooltip   Fast Log-On Log on most secure with smart card and pin, faster by ‘tap-and-go’ – or go all the way to Face Recognition? Your choice. Fast Log-On Tooltip   Tracking and work flow With automatic registration of work flow, work flow management is next. How many cases? Bottlenecks? See it here. Tracking and work flow