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We will help you effectively address your software licensing concerns.

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Transform software from a liability to an asset

Your organization is dependent on software, but does software provide the value you expect?
Does it entail unnecessary management effort, hidden risks, and avoidable costs?

SLMS Advisory Services help you effectively address your software licensing concerns. This service will improve how you manage software going forward, and unlock the value your software investment should be delivering.
Need tactical assistance with your immediate software licensing challenges? SLMS offers engagements that can quickly put your issues behind you.

SLMS's Advisory Services plays a vital role in helping organizations obtain data about software, convert it to information and knowledge, and take actions to make the necessary changes for more effective licensing and software asset management. Within our Advisory Services offerings, SLMS provides a suite of advisory services targeted at the New Style of Business.

Gwen Moylette introduces the HPE SLAS program


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Software Licensing Advisory Services

SLMS is working to invigorate and enhance its current portfolio offerings to meet the demands of an ever changing IT industry. We are pleased to be able to announce the new Software Licensing Advisory Services. There will be a number of options available including:

In addition to these and other defined services, SLMS can customize an engagement for your organization's unique needs. Contact us, click the red button above and find all our regions and groups listed

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