Lease and Simplify

Minimise capital expenditure, enjoy best-in-class HP technology,
plus renew every three years - from RM2.81 per day*

Benefits of leasing

HP Leasing is a business financing solution that lets your business have best-in-class hardware, services, and software for a convenient monthly fee. Providing new technology to your staff is essential to your productivity and growth. HP Leasing makes it simple to do just that, by providing a flexible and affordable option for your business.

Simple and straightforward acquisition

Save time by simplifying the planning, acquisition and replacement of your workplace technology and choose from devices featuring better design and functionality

Stress-free management and maintenance

Experience the latest technology and support services, which ensures equipment is kept in good operating condition, helping to minimize costly downtime associated with aging devices.

Stay on top of the latest technology

Keep updates for all your subscription hardware on a consistent schedule by renewing at the same time, and remove concern around managing equipment disposal.

How does it work?


Contact our call center agents and get a quote based on your budget and requirement.


Our leasing partner will contact you and work with you on the evaluation and qualification.


Upon the approval of your application and the endorsement on all relevant documents are completed, you will receive your products, based on the standard delivery lead time.


Start using your brand-new HP products, and work productively for the next few years.


When the lease term is over, simply return your products and loan new HP products, revolving around our latest technology.

Scale your business with HP Leasing

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