HP Original Ink Buying Guide

Purchasing HP Original Ink

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right HP Ink to buy for your HP printer, such as:

  • Choose the right ink according to your HP printer model.
  • Buy the ink cartridges according to your printing needs and budget.
  • How to guarantee that your HP Ink cartridges are original.

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Choosing HP Original Ink

Why buy Original HP Ink Cartridges?

Behind each HP Cartridge, there are hundreds of hours of testing and years of engineering and science, to provide customers with printing experiences that amaze.

Count on professional-quality documents when you use Original HP printer ink to deliver dependable performance, consistent page yields, and standout results.

  • Designed to work the first time, every time.
  • Rely on Original HP Cartridges to perform consistently.
  • Quality prints you can take pride in.
  • Experience outstanding print quality when you use Original HP Cartridges.
  • The Environmental choice.
  • Cartridges designed with the planet in mind for easy recycling and less waste.
  • Better result, better together.
  • Only Original HP Cartridges are precisely tuned with HP printers for reliable quality.

Buy the cartridges that suit your printing needs

HP Original Ink cartridges are perfect for everyday printing, with high speed performance and durable color prints. Choose your HP ink cartridges to suit your printing needs and budget.

  • Standard cartridges: Recommended if you print occasionally, HP quality and reliability at a pocket-friendly price.
  • XL or High Yield Cartridges: Ideal if you print more as it offers a lower ongoing cost and up to 50% lower cost per page compared with Standard cartridges.
  • Twin or Multi-Packs: Save up to 20% by buying a pack of 2 or 4 instead of individual inks and ensure fewer online orders.

How to pick the right HP Ink cartridge

Let us guide you when you are shopping online for a new HP Ink cartridge. Follow the instructions below to ensure that you are purchasing the correct HP Ink cartridge for your HP printer.

1. Go to the HP Original Ink landing page.

2. In the “Find your Ink cartridge” section, enter the following information:

    a. Your HP printer name or model. Eg: HP Deskjet 1510 All-in-One printer.
    b. Your existing HP Ink cartridge number. Eg: HP 703 tri-color Ink Advantage cartridge.

3. Select the correct item and you will be directed to the product landing page to proceed with your buying process.

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HP Anti-Counterfeit

Ensure your ink cartridges are Original HP

Counterfeit HP cartridges are refilled or remanufactured in unauthorized or fake reproductions of HP packaging, and they can't compare to genuine HP cartridges.

There are 3 easy ways to spot the fakes:

  1. Authenticate using your smartphone
  2. Tamper Evident Label with enhanced security feature
  3. New Security labels

1. Authenticate using your smartphone

Locate your HP security seal and open your QR code scanner app. If you don't have a QR code scanner, you can use our HP SureSupply app.

Use your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code on the cartridge's security seal. After your scanner processes the QR code, you'll see a validation screen from HP.

    Download on the App Store

    2. Tamper Evident Label with enhanced security feature

    Look for these 3 tell-tale signs that your cartridge may have been tampered with:

    • The lines in the pattern do not match.
    • The label is coloured rather than transparent.
    • The text changes on the label to show 'seal is void'.

    For an additional check, the HP logos in the blue strip should always show:

    • "HP logo" and "√" move in opposite directions when tilting the box top to bottom.
    • "HP logo" and "√" move in the same direction when tilting the box left to right.

    3. New Security labels

    • “OK” and “√” move in opposite directions when tilting the box front to back.
    • “OK” and “√” move in the same direction when tilting the box left to right.
    • Improved copy and tamper protection.
    • Addition of toner and ink icons.
    • Advanced printing techniques using proprietary devices and ink.

    While the fight against counterfeiters is ongoing, the new version of the HP security labels will offer brand protection that HP customers can depend on.

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