RED digital workflows - optimized Z Workstation

HP, RED®, NVIDIA and Adobe have collaborated to create an editing workstation capable of handling all that you can push to it. With the move to all-digital workflows, the Z820 RED Edition Workstation has been optimized to meet the uncompromising demands of today's digital film and video pros. This team of industry leaders is committed to providing business with a powerful, reliable platform to meet your needs over the long term.

Z820 RED Workstation

What's special about the Z820 RED Edition Workstation

What's Special about the Z820 RED Edition Workstation

The HP Z820 RED Edition Workstation comes equipped with up to 2 custom REDMAG card readers and up to two integrated RED ROCKET acceleration cards. Processing power comes in the form of dual 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors with 16 cores, configurable up to 3.91GHz with Turbo boost. A single SSD boot drive is standard as well as NVIDIA Quadro 5000 graphics, with upgrades available. Systems come standard with 32GB RAM upgradeable to 512GB RAM. Liquid Cooling comes standard, and an optional Blu-Ray burner is available. The system includes Adobe CS6 Production Premium with an optimized Windows 8 image.

Built on HP Z Workstation DNA

The RED Z820 Edition is built on the award winning HP Z workstation DNA. HP engineers design customized systems and work closely with technology partners to test and optimize components for a better workstation experience. The entire system is designed and tested as one to verify that all components are working together in a tightly integrated manner. Coupled with an intense focus on innovation, performance, and reliability, this philosophy has kept HP at the forefront of the workstation industry for 30 years.

Z820 RED Edition Workstation


Available through HP Reseller

Deploying and delivering tools specifically tuned to enhance workflows using the RED Digital Cinema, HP chose to have experts in the field of media and entertainment, Tekserve, be the exclusive HP approved sales provider of the RED Z820 Workstation. Located in multiple locations, demos and training are easily available.

The power to get work done

See why HP Workstations are the preferred choice of professionals who demand reliably powerful computing solutions in their line of work.

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