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Be defined by your work, not where you work

True Business-grade
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Built specifically for work and productivity, HP ElitePad tablets, accessories and services mean serious business.

Everyone seems to be going mobile these days. You can’t turn around without seeing someone using some kind of smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices have moved far beyond the “hot thing” phase and have been wholly integrated into billions of people’s lives.

In fact, mobile devices have become so ubiquitous, there’s more than one in use today for every man, woman and child on Earth1. In the coming years, that number is expected to continue growing, perhaps exponentially.

A significant part of that growth should come from the business sector but, in fact, businesses have been rather slow to adopt and deploy mobile. One of the chief reasons is that, up to now, mobile devices have been designed for and aimed primarily at consumers who mostly use them for entertainment and personal tasks.

In other words, the vast majority of mobile devices are really for watching video, playing games, reading and other leisurely activities. Sure, people can use them for business—and a growing number are bringing their own devices to work—but those devices are generally not secure enough or optimized for the tasks at hand. Businesses and their IT departments need more suitable mobile solutions to get the most from emerging technologies and workforces on the move.

They’re about to get what they need.

HP ElitePad: Getting business moving.

Clearly there’s a need for business-grade mobility—complete solutions and devices that aren’t just repurposed play things, but purpose-designed devices and solutions for business innovation and leveraging the power of Cloud-based technologies.

We’ve answered that need with a new generation of business-grade HP ElitePad tablets. HP ElitePad models incorporate robust security features for data and the device itself. Industry-specific features for verticals like education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing/construction, field service and content creation were also integrated into the designs from the start.

Finally, consider HP’s knowledge and support in integrating mobility seamlessly and productively into the enterprise, and we think we’ve got the mobile solutions the business world has been waiting for. It’s time to get moving.

That secure feeling

One of the biggest barriers to business mobility adoption has been an overarching concern about security. IT professionals shudder at the thought of devices containing business-critical data and sensitive company and personal information roaming around the big wide world. Naturally, we’ve made security a top priority.

HP Touchpoint Manager is a breakthrough innovation and the revolutionary product of our efforts. Now, you can use a full suite of management tools to secure and manage all your Android™, Apple iOS or Windows® mobile devices—from smartphones to tablets to laptops—from anywhere through the Cloud. Now IT staff can keep tight control over mobile devices, giving them confidence and total access to devices in the field—and, of course, the critical data and access they possess.

Touchpoint Manager includes extra security features for HP devices like “find,” for when a device is misplaced, and “wipe” and “erase” if the device cannot be located. There’s even a feature that lets you “brick” the device so it will be completely unresponsive and impenetrable to unauthorized users.

HP ElitePad tablets also include mounting slots for physical locks—which are rarely found on consumer devices—and an ecosystem of accessories including ruggedized, industry specific cases to protect your investment and ideas.

Built for your business

We’ve also built models and accessories that suit the needs of particular business sectors. Just as a consumer device is not ideally suited to business, some businesses require special features and capabilities to get the most from mobility.

For example, the HP ElitePad Healthcare tablet features an easy-to-hold case that has an antimicrobial coating to protect the product.1 HP ElitePad Education tablets include specialized learning software. The ecosystem of accessories includes a Retail Dock and Case that turns an ElitePad into a complete Point-of-Sale system. The HP Duet Pen for HP Pro Slate allows users to work more intuitively by writing on both paper (in the optional HP Paper Folio) and the screen, digitizing handwriting in real time. And, of course, there are ruggedized cases for industries where business gets rough-and-tumble, like manufacturing and construction.

Get down to mobile business

Naturally, this is only a brief overview of the security, power and usefulness of HP ElitePad tablets and business mobility solutions. This is just the beginning; there are a lot more great business-grade features to learn about. We think it’s not only worth your time to explore them; it’s good for business.

1. Source: PennyStocksLab; http://pennystocks.la/blog/golden-age-of-mobile

HP ElitePad Tablets. Ready to work.

  • The HP ElitePad Healthcare Tablet: Integrate workflow and protect both confidential information and the device with advanced security features and a sleek, antimicrobial form.1

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  • ElitePad Retail Case: Transform the ElitePad tablet into a complete POS solution that improves your customers’ experiences.

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  • HP Pro Tablet 10 EE (Windows) and HP Pro Slate 10 EE (Android) for Education: Made for mobilizing and maximizing learning throughout the school day. Choose Windows 8.1 Pro or AndroidTM Kit Kat.

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  • HP Pro Slate 12: Create and work seamlessly with this commercial-grade Android™ tablet with an integrated HP Duet Pen.

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  • HP Pro Slate 8: With an 8” diagonal HD screen and 2.3GHz Qualcomm Quad Core processor, it’s plenty capable enough to capture your big ideas.

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  • HP Elite x2 1011: Travel confidently, securely and in style with this lightweight, impressive 2-in-1.

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  • HP ElitePad Rugged Tablet: If your business gets rough, this tablet can handle water and dust.2 It's also tough enough to pass MIL STD 810G drop testing3 and provides long battery life.

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  • HP Pro Tablet 408: Affordably-priced and worth much more than its weight in productivity, enduring 115,000 hours of HP durability testing.

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Tablet’s and Jacket’s hand strap, Quick Release pins, camera lens, flash cover, barcode reader cover, screws, screen, and HP logo are not treated with an antimicrobial.


The solution is planned to be covered under HP limited warranty for IP 65 dust and water ingress.


MIL STD 810G drop testing is pending and is not intended to demonstrate fitness for U.S. Department of Defense contract requirements or for military use. MIL STD test results are not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions. Drop damage requires separately purchased Accidental Damage Protection HP Care Pack.

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