How to Pick the Best Gaming Mouse from HP India

If you are an avid gamer, chances are that you have a computer setup for all your gaming requirements. Of course, most of us focus on the desktop, processors, and graphics cards for gaming. But, aside from them, another must-have accessory is the gaming mouse that can elevate your gameplay to the next level.

A gaming mouse provides better precision and navigation, leading to faster gameplay and improving your gaming experience. So let's deep dive to understand the features to consider for buying the best gaming mouse for your requirements.

Features to consider for a gaming mouse

Whether you want to dominate sports games or missions of Call of Duty, owning the best gaming mouse is critical. But there are some specifications to consider to buy the correct gaming mouse.


As a gamer, you are likely to spend hours gaming and navigating during the gameplay. This is where you need a gaming mouse that is ergonomically designed to fit your palms. Unfortunately, some gaming mice are sometimes too large or too small for use. That's why to find the best gaming mouse, identify the form factor that comfortably fits your palm and thumb. 

You may look for a mouse with multiple buttons to control some of your gameplay's key configurations, such as switching between specific settings or accessing gameplay shortcuts. In addition, buying a gaming mouse with the correct form factor ensures that it fits perfectly in your hand and gripping style, allowing you to glide through your gameplay effortlessly.

Considering ergonomics, it would be best for you to consider a lightweight gaming mouse. While the shape is essential, opting for a lighter mouse allows you to move it around, aim more accurately, and offer more portability.


The gaming mouse does come in wired and wireless choices. If you are using the port for a USB receiver or picking the Bluetooth mouse, you must ensure that your PC is well-equipped with the latest updates to support them. Some wireless gaming mice have features that let you connect to multiple devices simultaneously and toggle between the devices as required.

You may opt for a wireless gaming mouse if you have the latest gaming laptop or PC. Likewise, if you have enough USB slots, a wired gaming mouse is still as effective as the other options without dropping connections for seamless gameplay. 


If you are playing modern games, you certainly require a mouse offering precision. Modern gaming mice have excellent quality tracking, so a flawless sensor is a minimum for gaming. In addition, you must consider a mouse that tracks your movement without any unnecessary interruptions. 

In a gaming mouse, the frames per second (FPS) are crucial, so while buying gaming mice, you must prefer the ones that offer you more excellent FPS. A good FPS means a powerful sensor capable of capturing or tracking your movement every second without any unwanted acceleration.

Dots per inch (DPI)

DPI refers to the measurement of mouse sensitivity, expressed as dots per inch. With a higher DPI, you will have greater precision and instant pointer speed adjustments, thus leading to greater sensitivity. 

If you consider a larger screen for gaming, you must identify the appropriate DPI required for your mouse. For instance, a larger screen requires a gaming mouse with a higher DPI to enhance the gaming experience. On the other hand, you won't want a mouse that lags when you are playing some of the top games like Battlefield, Far Cry, Call of Duty, and more.

Grip Designs

Most gamers like to have a better in-hand feel when using a gaming mouse. Therefore, grip designs are essential for gaming because they also reflect the shape and weight of the mouse. Considering recent trends, gamers prefer palm-like or fingertip-based grips or claws because of their stability and comfort.


Nearly every type of gaming accessory is available from different companies. Some gaming mouse products are available at reasonable prices, claiming to provide a wide range of features. However, these third-party companies may not exist long, leaving users with unwanted problems. Therefore, it is best to consider trusted names that offer warranties against manufacturing defects or instant customer support.

High-end gaming mice can be expensive, but they will last a decent amount of time, even with extreme usage. Whether you choose a high-end mouse or a budget option, durability can be checked on factors like the quality of the mouse's material and the buttons' tactlessness. Advanced gaming mice offer optical switches, so identify the controls' durability. In addition, reputed brands follow standard tests and may offer insights on the estimated clicks and hours of use the product can provide in its lifecycle.

Battery life

Wireless and Bluetooth mice are preferred, especially for gamers wanting a clean, wire-free gaming setup. However, whether playing for longer durations or being a mild user, you must ensure that the mouse offers a great battery life. Most wireless gaming mice work with rechargeable batteries, but you may have to look for a charging pad if you are a pro gamer. 

In this case, you can look for a mouse that offers a power-on and power-off switch to help save some battery when idle. 

Top 5 gaming mouse

We spend ample time researching gaming products and accessories and identifying user reviews to pick our choice. Fortunately, HP offers a wide range of gaming mice for every price. To simplify your task, we have curated a list of the top picks for the best gaming mice from HP.

1. HP M270 Backlit USB Wired Gaming Mouse

HP M270 Gaming MouseHP M270 Gaming Mouse

A brilliant member of the HP gaming accessories is the HP M270 USB wired gaming mouse that hits the sweet spot of top features on a budget. It's easily identifiable as one of the top picks from HP's lineup of top gaming mice, sporting a unique claw-like design for better grip and comfort.

This wired HP gaming mouse has six buttons and four-speed customisable options. Another significant aspect of the product is lightweight and has a matt finish with steel-scroll buttons for a better in-hand feel. Additionally, the mouse supports up to 2400 DPI and is easy to use without any software installation. 

Feature highlights:

•    Ergonomic design
•    Lightweight
•    Uses a USB port
•    Non-slippery due to matt finish
•    Not a fingerprint magnet

2. HyperX Pulsefire Core- Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulse Fire Core MouseHyperX Pulse Fire Core Mouse

Part of the HP HyperX family, this gaming mouse comes with Pixart 3327 optical sensor and  USB 2.0, with support for native DPI settings up to 6200. In addition, the HP gaming mouse comes with seven programmable buttons and customisable RGB lighting features. 

The mouse is lightweight and has easy customisation using HyperX NGENUITY software. In addition, the users can benefit from an extended warranty of up to 2 years. All gamers will likely enjoy this mouse due to its top-build quality with crisp tactile feedback rated for nearly 20 million clicks. 

You can easily create macros, customise your lighting and DPI settings and save it to the Pulsefire onboard memory. Concerning the design, the mouse offers textured grips for a comfortable and no-slip grip and is ideal for both palms with a claw design.

Feature highlights:

•    Lightweight: 87g
•    Textured non-slip side grips
•    USB 2.0 port
•    Customisable DPI and lighting
•    Programmable buttons
•    Symmetrical shape

3. OMEN Vector Gaming Mouse

HP Omen Vector Gaming MouseHP Omen Vector Gaming Mouse

The OMEN vector gaming mouse is among the top gaming mice offered by HP. You are offered a wide range of programmable features using the OMEN command centre. This mouse can be incredibly personalised to 1 ms, 2 ms, 4 ms, and 8 ms, including programmable buttons. 

There is a provision for an E-sport grade OMEN Radar 3 gaming sensor that supports up to 16,000 DPI. Gamers using this mouse can be assured of precise tracking without any unwanted hardware acceleration. The mouse also supports up to 450 IPS and offers self-calibration features. Not only is the mouse feature-packed, but it is lightweight and offers excellent comfort. It is also highly reliable, with a lifespan of 50 million clicks.

Feature highlights:

•    Lightweight: 87g
•    Textured non-slip side grips
•    USB 2.0 port
•    Customisable DPI and lighting
•    Programmable buttons
•    Symmetrical shape

4. HyperX Pulsefire Haste-Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulse Fire Haste Gaming MouseHyperX Pulse Fire Haste Gaming Mouse

Another must-have HP gaming mouse is from the HyperX lineup. The mouse has an ultra-light hex shell design and a Hyperflex USB cable. Various customizable options use the HyperX software, and it is incredibly comfortable to use with grip tapes incorporated into the design.

If you are looking for a durable gaming mouse, this product is among the best. It has TTC Golden micro dustproof switches and is built of top-quality materials. An advantage of considering this gaming mouse is its hardware compatibility with PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series.

Feature highlights:

•    Lightweight: 59 g
•    Customizable buttons
•    Hardware compatibility with all major gaming platforms
•    Superior sensor
•    Higher FPS
•    Grip-tapes
•    Dustproof switches

5. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro- Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulsefire Pro Gaming MouseHyperX Pulsefire Pro Gaming Mouse

Among the top of the line comes the HyperX Pulsefire gaming mouse. The mouse has the premium Pixart 3389 sensor, 16,000 DPI, and 450 IPS support. In addition, you are offered many customizations using the HyperX software. 

This mouse is comfortable even when using it for longer durations. Six programmable buttons can be set according to your needs for top-tier performance. With a superior sensor, you are assured of fluid and responsive tracking throughout your gameplay. Additionally, the buttons provide crisp and tactile feedback and are of premium build quality.

Feature highlights:

•    Customisations
•    Hardware compatibility with all major gaming platforms
•    Top-quality sensor
•    Great response tracking and fluid
•    Textured side grips for comfort
•    Extra-large skates

Additional gaming accessories to consider for your HP Gaming mouse

Modern gaming mice are highly responsive but will provide a more incredible experience when you use them with a high-quality mouse pad. Most gamers own a gaming mouse pad to elevate their experience. 

The non-slippery rubber finish of the mouse pads offers excellent stability and can help increase the mouse's durability. If you opt for a high-tech mouse, chances are you want information on the mouse pads to consider.  

Among the top picks for gaming mouse pads, HP offers HyperX FURY S, optimized for precision with seamless anti-fray stitching. The mouse pad is of excellent quality, as seen from its densely woven and textured surface. Additionally, you are also offered a two-year warranty for the product.

If you are looking for a slightly affordable version of the mouse pad, HyperX Pulsefire Mat is an excellent option. It has anti-fray stitching, an anti-slip rubber base, and comfortable padding. There are also various size options of the product for gaming mice of different sizes.  

Considering pro gamers who prefer larger mouse sizes and mouse pads, the HyperX Pulsefire Mat (XL) is a premium choice. The product has densely woven cloth, comfortable padding, and an anti-slip rubber base.


The best gaming mouse can be chosen in wired and wireless options based on your gaming needs and the setup. However, regardless of your options, you must review the offered features. 

You must focus on the options according to your gaming necessities to identify the right product. But the key features to always consider are the ergonomics, the customiszations, DPI, and the sensors that primarily improve your gaming experience. 

Like most products, a new gaming mouse might take time to get used to, so give yourself time to familiarise yourself and then make the customisations. 

About the Author: Kaushik Das is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes.