1. The Best OLED Laptop from HP


    The technology used in computer monitors has changed dramatically over the last decade. It’s now possible to find laptops and displays that feature incredibly dynamic screens, and you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for them. Also, we’re all spending more and more time on our devices, so it makes sense that we want our displays to help make our experience better.

    This is why many consumers are choosing to purchase OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. While LCD screens were the norm for many years, the tech has improved enough that screens can now make their own light, allowing for better graphics and crisper images.

    What is an OLED laptop?

    An OLED laptop is a device that relies on organic material (carbon and hydrogen) in order to create light. The tech uses

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  2. How to Shut Down Laptop with Keyboard

    how to shut down laptop with keyboard

    The simplest way to shut down your laptop is the default option of accessing the start menu. But there are situations where the laptop stutters because of a malicious file downloaded unknowingly. For example, you may experience laptops freezing when the system fails to respond to user input. Likewise, various hardware malfunctions cause your computer to become unresponsive.

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  3. What is a Laptop Docking Station?

    What is a Laptop Docking Station?

    For those who like to use their laptop computers both on the road and at home, it can be a bit of a challenge to transition from one scenario to the other.

    Laptops are designed to be portable and used when away from a desktop. However, when you only own a desktop, you’re unable to take your work with you to more easily collaborate with others.

    Docking stations for laptops are meant to bridge the gap between portability and having a stationary place to work and play.

    With a docking station, you can get the best of both worlds with a system that allows your laptop to work for

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  4. Best HP Gaming Laptops under ₹80,000 from HP India

    Best HP Gaming Laptops under ₹80,000
    A gaming laptop under ₹80,000 can provide a powerful gaming experience for an affordable price point.

    We’re covering what to expect in a sub-₹80,000 laptop. Laptops in this price range offer a substantial amount to love between processors, graphics, and display. We’ll also be dishing out expert advice on the key things to consider.

    Once you’re up to speed on the nitty-gritty details, we’ll review the top five gaming laptops from HP costing ₹80,000 or less. Ready to ramp up your mobile gaming situation without breaking the bank?

    What to expect from a laptop under ₹80,000

    We won’t sugarcoat it. A budget of ₹80,000 isn’t enough to secure a top-of-the-line gaming machine. The beefiest gaming laptops come in at two or three times that figure - sometimes even more.

    But it’s not all bad news. While this budget won’t
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  5. Best Laptops under ₹50,000 from HP India

    Best Laptops under ₹50,000
    Even at an affordable price, the best HP laptops under ₹50,000 boast plenty of processing power to breeze through your everyday tasks. While you won’t get a gaming rig or high-end business machine, ₹50,000 will cover a late-generation laptop with respectable specs.

    Does your computer use involve web browsing, video streaming, or simple apps? Then there’s no need to spend a fortune on a top-of-the-line laptop.

    Nonetheless, not all low-to-mid-range laptops are created equal - some suit certain users better than others. To help you pinpoint the best HP laptop under ₹50,000 for you, we’ve put together this buying guide and top five list.

    What to expect from a laptop under ₹50,000

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  6. What is Screen Mirroring?

    Laptop Mobile Phone Screen Mirroring Example

    Have you heard of the term “screen mirroring?” While it may sound complicated, it’s relatively simple to do and opens up opportunities for device owners to share gaming experiences, presentations, and even movies on other screens. It’s changing the way we view media and makes it more accessible for those with small or outdated devices. Here’s everything you need to know about how to screen mirror your Windows device.

    Screen mirroring explained

    Mirroring is showing the exact same thing that’s on one screen on a second screen. It allows you to play the game or movie on your mobile phone, for example, and show it on your big-screen TV as well. Why would you want to mirror? It’s an easy way to share your device with others, it can make viewing small text easier, and it gives you the benef

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  7. What is a Solid-State Drive (SSD)?

    HP Solid State Drive

    Short for solid-state drive (and sometimes solid-state disk), an SSD is a computer data storage option that functions without any moving parts. Compared to the traditional method of HDD storage, which is short for hard-disk drive, SSD drives are built without the traditional spinning disk drive and movable hard disk heads used for reading and writing new information to the disk.

    An SSD stores data using flash memory to encode information rather than doing so through a physical writing process, which is one of the reasons SSDs consume less overall power.

    An SSD works through a simple input/output interface, typically via what are called the Serial ATA or with the higher efficiency of PCI Express and NVMe connections.

    The advantages of solid-state drive technology

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  8. HP ProBook Laptops: A Complete Review

    HP ProBook Laptops: A Complete Review

    Finding a computer that packs enough power for your needs but is also portable can be challenging. And that’s exactly why HP ProBook laptops have become a popular choice over the past few years. Plus, with so many options available, you can find one that can handle the tasks you have now and still fit you well into the future.

    What is an HP ProBook laptop?


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  9. Which Laptop is Right for Me? A Buyer's Guide

    Which Laptop is Right for Me? A Buyer's Guide

    In the market for a new HP laptop but unsure which one to pick? Not to worry, we have removed all the tedious guesswork for you by providing an easy-to-follow decision tree to help you find the best HP laptop model to meet your demanding computing requirements and busy lifestyle.

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  10. Best HP Laptops for Photo Editing

    Best HP Laptops for Photo Editing

    Whether you are a creative professional or enjoy dabbling at home with the photos you take, there’s a growing interest in making your pictures look their best through editing software.

    Almost all photographers will use one or two photo editing software products that will use an incredible amount of memory and storage space, so it’s best to pick a computer designed to meet the challenge head-on.

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