HP introduces Smart Learning Hubs to help children become future ready

With an intent to empower the budding students of young India, HP and Microsoft have joined hands to introduce an edutainment program to enable children to hone their digital skills and become future ready. The programme has been created under HP’s pillars of experience – Learn, Create and Play, with an objective to make digital learning more interactive, while empowering the students for their individual learning and growth.

Available free of cost to aspiring kids, the maiden session was kicked off at the Smart Learning Hub at the HP World store located in the Good Earth City Centre Mall in Gurgaon. It received tremendous response from budding computer enthusiasts, who were accompanied by their parents. During this pilot session of the “In store class” young participants were engaged and enlightened on aspects such as: Basic description of types of websites; Introduction to Basic Tags - Image, Paragraph, Listing; Introduction, Positioning and Styling of DIV and adding elements such as Links, Images, Videos; Web animation; and Building of a website with Logo, Navigation bar, and Banner Image.

The HP smart learning programme has been devised for students aged between 11 and 14 to give them knowledge of digital topics like Coding, website development and Youtubeing. The students were awarded with a “certification of Participation’ from HP.

Coding is becoming a vital language for the future generation and will enable the nurturing of digital citizens, who will serve as the future workforce for a rapidly digitizing environment. The programme covers the basic working principle of coding using Microsoft Web Expression tool, enabling children to create and host their first website. Subsequently, it will offer advanced coding sessions and website building techniques, accompanied by training on YouTubing and creating unique digital content. The training will be delivered through Simply Digital - an IIT IIM alumni initiative offering digital training for people across all age groups specializing in child-friendly tech education.

“As leaders in the PC category, we are committed to create technology that makes life better for everyone. To this end, it has been our endeavor to reinvent PCs as instruments of knowledge creation. With the Smart Learning Hubs, we aim to make PCs a platform that enhance learning, augment skills, and serve as a fundamental tool for young Indians, as the nation steadily progresses towards becoming a digital economy. Moreover, trainings in coding will build critical thinking and harness creativity, in a student’s formative years” said Anurag Arora, Head - Consumer Personal Systems, HP Inc. India.

Millennials are ‘the key demographic segment in India’s population and work force’ and they include a majority of students and young working professionals, thereby posing a big challenge in terms of advanced learning and skill development. With India rapidly evolving to become a digital economy, it’s imperative for the students and younger workforce to undergo digital literacy trainings to be able to consume and create content digitally. This is also essential to stay relevant to the change and contribute to a better future of the country.

So, let your computer wizards get a chance to get ahead in their digital education. To know more about this program, visit www.hpshopping.in/smartlearninghub

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