HP Upgrade Program

The smartest way to own
an HP laptop

  • Up to 24 monthly payments starting at just ₹1,599 per month*
  • 3 years of HP Care coverage
  • Guaranteed buyback for easy upgrade

How to join this program?

  • Visit your nearest HP World store.
  • Purchase your HP laptop and pay either all upfront or through 12- and 24-month credit card finance.
  • Login here and pay the signup fee for the program

*HP Upgrade Program is available only in HP World stores of Mumbai, Bengaluru, & Chennai.

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HP Pavilion x360 Laptops

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HP Pavilion x360 Laptops

*HP Upgrade program is only applicable on HP 14/15 Series (with minimum i3 processor & pre-installed Windows OS) and Pavilion series.

Locate a HP World store near you!*

*HP Upgrade Program is available only in HP World stores of Mumbai, Bengaluru, & Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HP Premier Upgrade Program?

The HP Upgrade Program is a smart way to get the latest HP-branded laptop. It has three key features -

  1. 1. You can either pay for your laptop upfront or avail attractive credit card financing options for 12 or 24 months.
  2. 2. The HP Complete Care includes three year coverage of Extended Warranty, Accidental Damage Protection and McAfee Internet Security.
  3. 3. When you want to upgrade, you get the option to exchange your old laptop at designated HP World stores and get a buyback value guarantee.
Can I purchase any HP Laptop under this program?

The HP Upgrade Program offers a select set of HP’s latest laptops. The laptops available under the Program are available at and shall be updated from time to time.

How do I join the program?

There are 2 steps to join the program – laptop purchase and program enrollment. You can purchase your laptop at a select HP World Stores and enrolling online at within 15 days from date of purchase.

What do I need to pay?

Your payment is in two parts –

  1. Laptop - You can pay upfront or avail financing of 12 and 24 months here
  2. Program Enrollment – One time enrollment fee, paid online to get the 3 yr coverage benefits of the program.
What are the financing options available?

You can either pay for the program upfront or avail attractive credit card financing options for 12 or 24 months. The 12 month term is net interest free and 24 month term requires consumers to pay net 7.5% interest rate.

You will be charged an additional 3.5% interest amount and this 3.5% amount is payable back to you and will be given as instant discount when you pay to enroll for the program online.

The offer is only on select Indian credit cards. Please note that your financing contract is between you and your credit card issuing bank. HP is not extending credit and does not determine eligibility for the financing opportunity. Read the Terms & Conditions.

What is the interest discount on the online signup fee?

This discount is applicable if you purchase at an HP World Store and avail the 12 or 24 month financing option. You will be charged a 3.5% interest amount in addition to any other charges that may apply. This 3.5% amount is reimbursable to you and will be given as instant discount when you pay to enroll for the program online. For example, if you laptop costs Rs. 50,000 and you choose the 12 month financing option, your credit card will be charged an additional 3.5% interest at the time of purchase in store. That is, Rs. 1,750. Once you enter your laptop serial number to enroll online, you will be given an instant discount of Rs 1,750 in the enrollment fee.

Can I pay off the loan sooner?

You own the product from the first day of purchase. The early pay off facility is subject to you issuing bank. Please contact your bank directly to check.

How do I upgrade to a new HP laptop? How does the buyback guarantee work?

You can upgrade to a new laptop any time you want. You walk into any designated HP World Store, trade in your old get credit for your old HP laptop (bought under HP Upgrade Program) and get a discount on your new one.

As an HP Upgrade member you are guaranteed a buyback value between 12 and 36 months of your purchase. For example, if you upgrade after 12 months of purchase of HP 15, you will be guaranteed a minimum of 40% of your (pre-GST) purchase price. If however, the value of the laptop is determined to be higher at that time, you will be given the higher amount.

The minimum guarantee value will vary as per the laptop series and the return month (12 – 36 months from date of purchase). You can however choose to exchange your HP laptop outside that time window as well, without the minimum guarantees applying. Read the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Is using the HP buyback option compulsory?

You have full flexibility to not avail the HP buyback guarantee or exchange facility. You can exchange your laptop at any other place OR retain it for as long as you wish.

What HP care services will I get?

You get total 3 year coverage with the below items -

  1. Extended Warranty: Onsite and remote support to protect against any mechanical and electronic failures. The service includes repair and replacement, all parts and labor.
  2. Accidental Damage Protection: You are protected against avoid out-of-pocket repair or replacement costs caused by accidents such as drops, spills, and electrical surges that may occur during normal usage. It also covers damaged liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and broken parts
  3. McAfee Internet Security: You get essential award winning antivirus with features to keep your digital life safe, every second of everyday.
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