HP SmartFriend Service

HP SmartFriend Service helps you solve a wide range of technical issues that may arise with your HP PCs and tablets.

    HP SmartFriend connects you with certified agents who can assist to remove viruses, improve PC performance, solve software errors, and connect your devices to a wireless network.

    Service Overview

    1. Expertise at your service

    Learn how to connect to the Internet wirelessly, install software, or get help troubleshooting your PC and tablet with friendly, accessible SmartFriend technology experts. When you need help or have a “how-to” question, HP agents are waiting to answer your call. They can even teach you new ways to use your PC.

    2. Protected remote access

    With protected remote access, you can sit back and relax while a certified expert from HP guides you through a solution—right before your eyes on your PC screen.

    3. Expert help with any HP devices

    Get answers to your technology questions. SmartFriend can help any HP device that you own and have a SmartFriend plan for. The HP SmartFriend Service covers personal computers running Microsoft® Windows®.

    Service Features

    • Help with viruses, spyware, and malware removal if you have an existing virus protection software.
    • Error troubleshooting to avoid wasteful and frustrating computer downtime.
    • “How to-” assistance to answer questions not addressed by your product manual, as well as information on product features, installation and configuration, and internet connectivity advice.
    • Proper installation and updating of supported software that you have a license for.
    • Answer connection questions and help you if you are experiencing difficulties in setting up a wired or wireless network connection or connecting and using peripherals on your PCs.
    • Guidance on how to better protect yourself from online tracking by third parties.
    • Help with customizing and editing privacy settings for your social media accounts.
    • Assistance in configuring parental controls that help protect your family from accessing the wrong content on the internet.

    Service Benefits

    • Improved system performance and reduced downtime caused by software issues.
    • Availability of an HP service technician who can answer select “how-to” questions.
    • Protection from online threats and social media privacy exposure.
    • Predictable support costs

    Contact Us

    HP SmartFriend Service is available 12 hours a day, Monday through Sunday, including HP holidays. Contact a local HP sales office for detailed information on availability.

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