Press Release: 22. June 2011
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HP Labs India Makes The Online Video Experience Truly Personal

Personalized video application creates a TV like experience for online video consumption

BENGALURU, India, June 21, 2011 –HPLabs India today announced the public beta release ofits"Personalized Video" application. The application helpsuserspersonalize their online video experience through usergeneratedchannels. Users can create channels on topics of theirchoice andthe application will deliver multiple videos by matchingthekeywords and video metadata.

Thebetaapplication is currently available for free download at

Online videohasmatured over the years and the proliferation of portals suchasYouTube® has enabled users to view and create video contentonline.Emerging economies such as India are not far behind when itcomesto online video consumption. According to a recentcomScorereport1, 71 percent of Indian Internet users have streamedonlinevideos despite having a broadband penetration of less than1percent.

Researchers atHPLabs believe that video will dominate the Internet experienceinnon-English speaking countries such as India by virtue ofitsability to transcend challenges posed by text basedcontentcreation in local languages.

“At HP Labswebelieve that video will dominate the Internet in Indiaprimarilydue to the ease with which content in local languages canbeaccessed,” said Sudhir Dixit, Director of HP Labs India.  “Wearepiloting the personalized video application to understanduserpreferences and also receive feedback for future enhancements.Akey focus at HP Labs India is to innovate for the next 1 billionHPcustomers and we believe innovating for them requires amorecollaborative approach.”

AccordingtoKrishnan Ramanathan, Senior Research Scientist, HP Labs India,“Thenumber of videos available online runs in the order of billionsandthis can be overwhelming for the average user. We have designedtheapplication to deliver a truly personalized experience throughuserdefined channels that deliver highly relevant videos based onusersupplied topics. These channels will only deliver videos thatarerelevant to the topic supplied and we are able deliver thisthroughinnovative algorithms developed at HP Labs. “

ThePersonalizedVideo application delivers a high level of contentpersonalizationto its users through innovative algorithms and smartuse of localcomputing power.

Withthisapplication, users can:
• Personalize and create channels: Users can create channelsoftheir choice by providing topics/keywords.  The applicationwillalso learn the user’s preferences via an in-applicationratingmechanism and adapt to the user’s preferences.

• Enjoycontinuousviewing experience: Users can view a continuous streamof videoswithout having to start each video individually. Thisreducesdecision points for the user and decreases the thought andeffortinvolved in selecting the next video.

• Annotatevideos:An annotation option allows users to mark certain positionsin thetimeline of a video for reference and future viewing.

• Find webpagesrelated to videos being watched: At the click of a button,theapplication will search and find web pages with keywordsmatchingthat of the video being watched.

• Sharevideoswith friends:  Users can share videos they like with friendsonFacebook© and Twitter©.
The application also allows for the creation of a specialchannelthat can be used by third parties to push video content to auserbased on viewing habits and location. For example, moviestudioscan push trailers of upcoming movies in a particularlocation orbusinesses can push product videos to users based ontheir viewinghabits. Finally, the application has a “suggestions”channel wherevideos are recommended based on the user click-troughsin the userdefined channels.

Moreinformationon the Personalized Video application is available at
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(1) “RiseofOnline Video in India” report, comScore, Inc. March 2011

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