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Experience the power and efficiency of smart printing, while helping to save time and costs. Available only with cloud-connected HP Latex printers.

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HP Latex can print on almost any substrate, delivers prints that come out dry, and offers end-to-end sustainability to satisfy any client needs.

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1. Performance may vary depending on media—for more information, see For best results, use textiles that do not stretch. The ink collector is required for porous textiles.

2. Scratch resistance is comparable to hard-solvent inks on self-adhesive vinyl and PVC banner. Scratch-resistance comparison based on testing third-generation HP Latex Inks and representative hard-solvent inks. Estimates by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of media.

3. Based on a comparison of HP Latex Ink technology to competitors with leading market share as of December, 2013 and analysis of published MSDS/SDSs and/or internal evaluation. Performance of specific attributes may vary by competitor and ink technology/formulation. Print shops/print service providers must seek certifications and eco-labels directly with certifying bodies. HP does not imply or grant certification or ecolabels to print shops/PSPs nor does it support individual customer processing of such certifications.

4. This capability is scheduled for release in early-mid 2019. It is compatible with the HP Latex 115, 3x5, 3x0 and 560/570 series printers.

5. Applicable to select HP Latex printers. ICC profiling with the spectrophotometer does not support uncoated textiles and backlits.

6. Requires an HP Applications Center account, Internet connection, and connected Internet-capable device. For more information, see