HR Support for employees who have left HP


Service Certificate:
Service Certificate will be couriered to your address provided in the final settlement form by HR Department after the No Due clearance is received from the payroll team. (It takes 30 calendar days to give a No Due Clearance from the day when you complete the exit Sign off formalities from all the Stakeholders.)

Background Verification:
HP India has enhanced the current verification process of our former employees from the manual system of phone calls, emails/fax verifications to making the data available on an online centralized repository which can be accessed by authorized users for verification purposes. This activity is outsourced to INER, Q2 Data Services Pvt. Ltd. Please contact them at +91-22-4201 2892 for any queries.
If you still have a question please feel free to submit a request through one of the sections from the Contact HR Support page.

Payroll Contacts:

Entity Email ID
HP India Sales Pvt Ltd
Global e Business Operations Pvt Ltd
Global e Business Operations Pvt Ltd
HP India Software Operations Pvt Ltd
HP Global Soft Pvt Ltd
Full & Final Settlement:
Payroll would process your full and final settlement within 21 working days from the last date of signoff from all the Stakeholders in the exit form.
If you have already submitted your Provident Fund(PF) withdrawal form, wait for 120 days (2 months waiting period & 2 months processing time) from the date of submission before you contact the payroll team.
Provident Fund Withdrawal:
The PF could be withdrawn only if you do not take up employment in any establishment in India to which the Employees’ Provident Fund Act, 1952 applies for a continuous period of two months from the date of your separation.
Please note that the Provident Fund accumulations so paid are subject to Tax Deduction at source at the applicable rates, if you do not have a continuous period of five years of membership. You are also required to submit the copy of Form-16 for the period of PF contributions that you are withdrawing. In case you plan to join a covered organization, your PF balance will be transferred to that organization after receiving a request from them. For this purpose please note down the PF # appearing in your HP pay slip as this information is required when you want to fill up the form with your future employer.
Please note that any false declaration could lead to severe consequences under the Employees’ Provident Fund Act.

Enclose a cancelled blank (unsigned) cheque with form 10C ( without which RPFC willnot accept the EPS claim form )
In case you are eligible to withdraw your PF accumulation, then Form 10C has to be filled up to withdraw the EPS amount from the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner(RPFC). In this case, HP will be responsible for only submitting the form and the amount will be credited directly by RPFC to the Savings Bank Account given by you in the application form with an intimation to you about the same to your address. Employees who have completed 10 years will have to fill Form 10D which shall be provided to you by Payroll, on request, for payment of pension from RPFC.