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HP is a technology company that operates in 178 countries around the world. HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. Because of our unique size, scope, and scale, we can get better information into the hands of more people all across the globe. As the world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems.

Meeting real-time demands with the Instant-On Enterprise

Let’s face it: the world is changing. Today, everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate and fluid. To gain a competitive or service advantage in the face of these new customer and constituent patterns, technology must be at the very forefront of enterprise innovation and growth. Tomorrow’s leaders will be organizations that use technology to capitalize on – instead of simply adapt to – changing customer expectations.

At HP, we have a vision for these organizations. It is called the Instant-On Enterprise. The Instant-On Enterprise learns swiftly and continuously to close the expectation gap between what customers and citizens expect and what the enterprise can deliver. The Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology into everything it does to make products, services and information faster and more reliable and to provide value at every touch point.

At HP, we can embed technology to deliver innovation at every point in your enterprise that matters, from mobile devices to global data centers. We can integrate and automate the enterprise and technology across the entire value chain. And by doing that, we unleash the power of people by giving them access to the information and applications necessary to help accelerate innovation.

HP In Israel

Israel is one of the few countries where HP has massive presence, including the following entities:

  • HP Israel
  • The Indigo Division – Digital Printing Solutions
  • HP Industrial Printing(formerly Scitex Vision)
  • HP Software (formerly Mercury)
  • HP Labs

HP has approximately 324,600 employees worldwide. Over 5,700 are based in Israel.

The extent of HP's investments in Israel:

  • In the past decade, HP has invested over $6 billion in the acquisition of Israeli companies, including the establishment of production plants.
  • HP is the second largest investor in Israeli IT.

In and across our seven sites in Israel we represent all of HP's organizations:

Raanana – Sales and Marketing

Nes Ziona – Indigo Division headquarters and R&D center

Kiryat Gat – ElectroInk Plant and systems manufacturing

Netanya – HP's Industrial Printing headquarters and R&D center

Caesarea – Industrial Printing manufacturing

Yahud – Software R&D center

Haifa – HP Labs

The history of HP in Israel

  • 1957 – HP begins as a department in Motorola in Israel
  • 1996 – Compaq opens in Israel
  • 1998 – Technological cooperation agreement signed with Indigo
  • 2001 – Indigo acquisition
  • 2002 – HP acquires Compaq, merges activities in Israel
  • 2004 – Kiryat Gat ink plant opens
  • 2005 – Scitex Vision acquisition
  • 2006 – Mercury Interactive acquisition
  • 2007 – Kiryat Gat systems plant opens
  • 2008 – Nur acquisition, EDS acquisition

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"Israel is a country lacking the resources of oil, gas and water. We are small in size but large in our brain power, and the challenges that we have overcome during the past 60 years, in addition to the nature of the Jewish People, always unsatisfied with everything, have led us to establish a model country in which our relative advantage is the mind, the ability to create and invent and the Israeli vision".

Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel, during a meeting with a delegation of executives from the large and influential companies in Japan