HP’s Out of Warranty Exchange & Repair Program

Laptop PCs

Out of Warranty Repair Program for HP Notebook PCs

For notebooks, desktops HP uses a centralized repair program whereby your product is picked up, repaired and returned to you, usually in 10-12 working days. The time to repair your product may be longer than this average depending on availability of parts necessary for repair.
The standard, fixed charge for this replacement includes all repair and logistic charges, regardless of the hardware problem associated with your product.
Replacement products issued under this program have a 3 month guarantee, per the HP Out of Warranty Terms and Conditions agreement.


For some lower-priced older products, HP is not in a position to repair old products as cheaply as it can manufacture new ones. In these situations, it can actually be less expensive to purchase a new product, rather than have an older one repaired.

If your product is still under HP standard factory warranty, you can check out how to buy an HP warranty extension.

For Technical support on your HP Out of Warranty Product via call, please click here.

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