HP SmartStream Print Controller for HP DesignJet Z6xx0 Production Printers Značajke
Streamline print jobs and address your customers' needs efficiently and seamlessly.
Simplify your workflow and boost productivity.
Increase your customer base with the ability to tackle a broader range of production jobs.

[1] Conclusion based on an HP internal test measuring the time required to extract pages from a 50-page document and print them using several printers compared with using equivalent software programs.

[2] Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 is the next-generation rendering platform, optimized for end-to-end PDF workflows. Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 combines performance optimizations with a new scalability framework to power high-speed digital presses, large-format printers, and CTP platesetters. PDF Print Engine 3 is the fastest rendering platform for reliable reproduction of complex, graphically rich content. To learn more, visit: http://www.adobe.com/products/pdfprintengine.html

[3] In order to work properly, the computer monitor needs to be sRGB calibrated.