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HP Labs AR/PR Summit - June 5th 2008

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Executive bios

Find out more about the executives leading HP Labs' vision and strategy.


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» Prith Banerjee
Senior Vice President, Research, and Director, HP Labs

» Shane Robison
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer

» Chandrakant Patel
HP Fellow and Director, Sustainable IT Ecosystem Lab, HP Labs

» Huw Robson
Director, Media Technologies Laboratory

» Vladimir Polutin
Director, HP Labs Russia, Information Fusion and Real Time Delivery Lab

» John Manley
Director, Automated Infrastructure Lab, HP Labs

» Martin Merry
Director, Enterprise Informatics Laboratory (EIL)

» Oren Ariel
Director, HP Labs Israel, Printing Automation Lab

» Tony Wiley
Director, Web Services and Systems Lab, HP Labs

» Martin Sadler
Director, Systems Security Lab, HP Labs

» Patrick Goldsack
Distinguished Technologist, Automated Infrastructure Lab, HP Labs

» Chris Preist
Master Scientist, Sustainable IT Ecosystem Lab

» Peter Toft
Project Manager, Automated Infrastructure Laboratory, HP Labs