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  1. Best HP Touch Screen Laptops

    Best HP Touch Screen Laptops

    Consumer touch screen technology is relatively new for computers, but there are already a variety of intuitive options on the market. For home and office use, HP’s laptop lines boast a range of touch-enabled laptops at varying price points. Whether you want to use touch for specific tasks or you’re shifting more of your routine to this format, there are plenty of options and advantages to consider.

    Touch screen hardware is designed to accommodate your style of work and use. It can improve a relatively traditional workspace, help you break out of those traditional limitations altogether, or just find the perfect balance. Thanks to HP®, you have choices between conventional form factors,

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  2. How to Rotate (or Flip) PC Screen in Windows

    How to Rotate (or Flip) PC Screen in Windows

    Maybe you’ve plugged in an external display and your primary screen has gone haywire as a result or perhaps you’re trying to look at a vertical infographic holistically instead of chunk by chunk. If your screen isn’t set up properly, it can make your tasks more difficult to complete. So how do you go about rotating your PC screen in Windows? Keep reading to learn how to rotate your screen manually, enable or disable the auto-rotation feature, and how to use keyboard shortcuts to easily flip your PC screen. Before you know it, you’ll be flipping screens and rotating to portrait mode like a pro.

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  3. How Do I Turn Off Touch Screen?

    Lady Operating a Laptop

    Touch screen displays have critical functionality and benefits to provide a more streamlined and convenient workflow. With more support for mobility and collaboration than traditional displays, a touch screen can have a big impact on how you use your laptop or display. It can also provide a deeper connection to your work and entertainment.

    By the same token, there are situations where it makes more sense to turn it off. Whether it’s out of caution or between periods of heavier use, shutting down your touch screen can effectively restrict its access. This can be particularly useful when you travel or when there are people around who may damage the screen through improper use, like kids or customers.

    Most touch screens don’t have external ways to shut them off, but it’s actually quite simple to do this through Windows 10. In this article, we’ll outline the two easiest and most common methods for toggling your touch screen’s functionality.

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  4. Do It Yourself Laptop Screen Repair

    Do It Yourself Laptop Screen Repair
    Even if you are extremely careful with your hardware, it can be unavoidable at times to run into issues such as a cracked or broken computer screen. Just because you’re experiencing problems with your display doesn’t mean that your laptop is beyond saving, however.
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