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Team up with OMEN CLUB.
Game On.

Let's join the OMEN CLUB and earn OMEN Points to get yourself armed!


You can enjoy triple of the welcome points by October!1

How to join OMEN CLUB?

Register as member2
Fill in the online registration form.
How to earn OMEN Points?3

Method 1

Purchase HP
Gaming products4,5

Spend $2 = 1 OMEN Point

Method 2

Participate in OMEN events

Join and participate in OMEN Club events to earn more OMEN Points

Method 3

Join OMEN League monthly contests

You may solo or team up to join online/ offline competitions. Every contestant and winners will earn extra OMEN Points.

Method 4

Refer your friends to join OMEN CLUB

You can earn 100 OMEN Points for every successful refer. 6

Gifts Redemption7
Login OMEN CLUB to choose your favorite gifts.

Let's farm together and gear up!

You can redeem gifts using your OMEN Points

  • Free hour at CGA Stadium

    500 Pts

  • Steam $50 gift card

    1,500 Pts

  • Steam $100 gift card

    2,000 Pts

  • OMEN 100 Mousepad

    1,800 Pts

  • OMEN 300 Mousepad

    4,800 Pts

  • OMEN T-Shirt
    (Limited edition)

    5,000 Pts

  • OMEN x Thermos bottle

    7,500 Pts

  • OMEN Mouse 600

    9,000 Pts

  • OMEN Reactor Mouse

    13,000 Pts

  • OMEN Mindframe Headset

    23,000 Pts

  • OMEN Sequencer Keyboard

    30,000 Pts

Limited quantity. First-come, first-served.8

Terms and conditions:

1. Triple welcome points offer is only eligible to the first 2,000 members who register by October. Every successful new member would gain 600 OMEN Points. (Standard welcome points is 200)

2. Facebook account is required.

3. New points will be reflected in the system within 5 working days.

4. HP gaming products include all products from OMEN by HP series & Pavilion Gaming series.

5. Members must keep the invoice/ receipt and upload a softcopy to OMEN CLUB‘s Facebook Messenger within 90 days for verification.

6. Referrals can earn up to 2,000 OMEN Points per year (max: refer 20 friends). Data will be refreshed on July 31.

7. Gifts must be redeemed within specified period. Virtual gifts can be redeemed online; tangible products must be redeemed in HP Shop – Prince Edward branch in person.

8. Total gifts quantity is 2068.

9. HP reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

10. In case of any dispute, HP reserves the rights to make final decision.

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