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58% of companies said they increase # of people working in
unassigned of collective use spaces. Mobile workers will
make up 72% of the us workforce by 2020.

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Cost saving thru desirable solutions to enhance work efficiency

Entering the decade of Workspace 2020, the operation mode of office has been transformed. Nowadays, due to the enhancement of space management and cost saving Free Address Unassigned Seats are widely used. HP provides all-rounded solutions to businesses, assists office users to fully utilize the space of desk which boosts their efficiency.

Space Saving

Users that staying in office for long hours, usually adopt a larger Desktop which causes insufficient space. However, due to the continuous improvement of computers’ performance, even a compact design of HP ProDesk 400 G4 Desktop Mini PC, already equipped with Intel Core i5-8500T Processor and 256GB SSD. The slim and thin design allows it to be placed behind the monitor, with an additional monitor stand, could release the limited desk space and allow more flexible desk placements.


Docking Solutions for Mobile Users

Some offices tend to use laptops as it is travel-friendly and meeting-friendly to employees. Then, they work on emails, data analytics or presentations slides, etc as well. HP targets at laptop users and provided a Multi-Monitors Connection Solutions, allows them to handle such intensive information efficiently. Once they get back to the office, they can connect the computer with dual-monitor display, not only saving the battery life but also exporting the display to the dual-monitors. With an additional monitor stand, could save space from the desk and allow multi-tasking, to achieve the concept of Clean & Clear.


Office Health

Feeling neck and shoulder pain when you are working means that the desk does not match with your height. Rather than spending money on a massage treatment, which can only relieve the symptoms but not solve the cause. It is important to cure the cause by using an adjustable laptop stand can be set to your eye level to prevent neck and shoulder pain


Experience it

Space utilizing solutions mentioned above, not only can raise efficiency but also create a comfortable and healthy working environment. There are more solutions that match various workplace. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to try it out at HP Shop in Wan Chai or Prince Edward.

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