Best HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Modern technology has come a long way since wired keyboards and roller-ball mice, so it’s only fair to match the efficiency of your processor to the quality of your keyboard and mouse combo.

    Set your computer up for success with these brilliant wireless keyboard and mouse combos.

      Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

      1. HP Classic wireless keyboard and mouse

      Measuring 18-inches wide, this keyboard fits perfectly on any desk space and comfortably accommodates natural typing motions without ever feeling like buttons are too close together or out of reach.

        One-touch hotkeys make navigation a breeze. Access your email, web browser, and more with just one click. Stop, play, pause and turn up the tunes with the volume control buttons located at the right panel.

          Compatible with all Windows operating system versions from XP and newer, this keyboard and mouse combo can accommodate older PCs without a problem.

          2. HP Slim wireless keyboard and mouse

          The HP Slim wireless keyboard and mouse combo keeps things simple yet sophisticated. The straightforward design makes transitioning from an older keyboard to this modern one a breeze.

            The three-zoned aesthetic promotes comfortable and precise entry for PC novices and experts alike. Engineered with an ambidextrous configuration, this keyboard delivers an enjoyable experience for all hands and typing styles.

              With a battery life of over 11 months, you’ll only have to worry about replacing the AAA batteries once a year.

              3. HP Pavilion 800 wireless keyboard and mouse

              Kick your productivity into high gear with all the responsive clarity the HP Pavilion 800 wireless keyboard and mouse combo promises.

                Three keyboard zones make room for the standard QWERTY keyboard, full-size arrow keys, and a professional-grade number pad, allowing you to get business done all-in-one.

                  Writers will appreciate the quiet key clicks as they type away. No more loud tapping to distract your unstoppable workflow or interrupt your genius train of thought.

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