Best HP Accessories for Windows 10

Windows 10 has revolutionized how applications run, and it has led to better software development and entertainment for PC owners.

    To fully take advantage of the operating system, here are some great HP accessories to consider adding to your setup.

      PC Accessories for Windows 10

      1. HP X3000 wireless mouse

      The HP X3000 wireless mouse offers the opportunity for you to design and accomplish complex tasks without breaking your budget.

        It conforms to HP’s top-tier standards, and it looks great in either black or metallic gray. Plus, it’s wireless. All you need is a USB port and you’re ready to go.

        2. HP Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 800

        Every gamer needs a solid keyboard in order to compete, and the HP Pavilion Gaming Keyboard 800 offers N-key rollover and responsive keys to keep you in the game.

          With a 50-million keystroke lifespan, you won’t have to worry about it going the distance. It also looks good with the dedicated red LED backlight that helps you see in low-light settings.

          3. HP Bluetooth Headset 400

          The HP Bluetooth Headset 400 is perfect when you need to take calls in the office or if you need to have your hands free while gaming. Its lightweight design makes it easy to wear for hours and move freely throughout your day.

            With Bluetooth® 4.2 connection and a 10-meter wireless range, rest assured that you can take your Skype calls without fear of any audio lag.

            4. HP Thunderbolt Dock G2

            The HP Thunderbolt dock G2 is a small device that provides a lot of power. It includes a dock that offers a chance for you to control your network along with several different devices and PCs.

              If you have a number of projects going at once, this handy device can help you stay organized and get things done faster.

              5. HP EliteDisplay E233 Monitor

              The HP EliteDisplay E233 is meant to help you make the most of your workday. With adjustable tilt and swivel settings and clear color, you’re set for long days in front of the screen.

                It also has 178-degree, wide-angle IPS technology to make sure your presentations look good in both portrait and landscape mode.

                6. HP Rechargeable Active Pen

                To make the most of your Windows 10 operating system, you need the right tools. And with the HP Rechargeable Active Pen, you can navigate your applications with more than just a traditional mouse or touchpad.

                  Whether you plan to illustrate your latest idea, or you simply need to take notes during class, you no longer need to rely on a keyboard and mouse.

                  7. HP Elite Presenter Mouse

                  HP Elite Presenter mouse comes with a virtual laser, allowing you to make your point and change slides no matter where you are in the room. A presenter mouse also makes it simple to navigate applications from your desk.

                    It has up to two months of battery life as well, giving you plenty of time to prepare for - and nail - your next presentation.

                    Why should I use Windows accessories?

                    Windows 10 is built for creativity, work, and fun, and you can make it even better when pairing it with accessories designed specifically with the OS in mind.

                      By purchasing items designed to work with Windows 10, you can get the most out of your device and know that they are compatible. This can make it easier to get things done and help you avoid the headache of returning products that don’t work for you.

                        By ordering Windows 10 accessories from HP®, you know they’ll work with your device and that they’re built to provide a seamless experience.

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